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T / getting in front of the lens (aka. <3 thy body)

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HeaderI hate having pictures taken of me.  I am usually beyond pleasantly surprised when they turn out well.  The list of my insecurities are, as usual, completely irrational.  But when you are thrusting (haha, thrusting) yourself into a career based on aesthetics, your eye gets on the nitpicks: my monolid-ed tiny eyes that aren’t great at communicating beyond a squint, that belly I haven’t been able to get rid of since I was like eight years old, my flat-ass feet.  Don’t even get me started on the comparison trap.I like my parts, but I am terrified of full-body shots – unfortunately human physiognomy isn’t a colour-by-number thing.

But lately, I’ve been trying to feel better about this in between things body that has been shaped by genetics, and my simultaneous love for fitness and food. I’ve gotten obsessed with Ashley Graham (see here, here and here).  And have you read Mindy Kaling wax poetic about Salvador Perez?  And our favourite Joy just launched this amazing series on dressing her diversely bodied team.

I was one of the last to be shot for Cait’s KIT look book (those pictures later) and let’s just say it wasn’t because of scheduling issues.  But that shoot did have to happen. I had coincidentally picked up a couple of newly tailored outfits and I was feeling confident about. And that’s when I sent that alert to Cait: SHOOT ME! NOW! Even if’ it’s raining! Pew pew pew.Green-Outfit

These new outfits show a little more skin in the mid section that I’m used too.  But they also are so comfortable and perfect for both a casual night out, or hanging out on the weekend.  I’ve fallen in love with the concept of the pull on short, and I wanted to add in a little bit of the athletic jogging short that I dig so much.  I’m also starting to figure out what silhouettes I’m most comfortable with and exploring what’s possible.  Cait and Mindy also push the importance of good tailoring.  We have a bunch of cool projects coming up, so I need to get as comfortable in front of the camera as I am behind it.Grey-and-White

Also, we had lunch.  Our pal Erich (who also makes the best beer) has done such a great job at Botanico Wine and Beer Garden, He let us invade the space for a little shoot when the clouds decided to part yesterday.  Stuffed grilled cheese? Bulgogi quesadillas? Kampot Pepper Pate (which you should have with french fries, á la Cait)? Yes please.  They are having their grand opening tomorrow and you should absolutely go.Botanico-Food

All photos by Caitlin Decker. Please request permission for use.  We are not liable for calo


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