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C / just the tiff


Happy birthday Tiff! I hope you have an amazing two-day birthday, because you get a time-zone-inclusive one since I am in the states. I miss you! COME OVERRRR.

I spent a very long time looking for header photo for this post. It’s not that I don’t have photos of Tiff, it’s just that most of them are of her with a crazy green face mask on, with an insane Snapchat filter, or a shot from the chin competition, where you hold your camera below your face and see how many double chins you can get. It’s an awesome game, but none of those are appropriate to celebrate Miss Tiffany Tsang today. I picked this one because it was from our first real vacation together, and she looks so damn pretty.

Tiff is usually the one behind the camera. As you all know, she has been honing her photo game for the last few years, and is rarely seen with out her camera, usually crouching to get the right shot. Tiff as a photographer is a great representation of who she is. In both her life and her photography, she is constantly looking for beauty in unconventional places. She digs into the dark, weird grunginess that others might pass off as ugly, and pulls the grace out of it. She makes the absurd into something relatable, and often adorable, and is constantly searching for newness and a different perspective.

I love this girl for a whole bucket of reasons. She’s unbelievably smart, kind, strong, and generous, but this is not news to anyone that knows her. What you might not know is that she is the reason why I am doing what I am doing, and essentially the reason for all the good stuff that’s happening right now. She pulled me into starting this blog, which is one of the best things in my life. She encouraged me to draw, even when I was terrible, and has had mountains of faith in my abilities, especially when I have not.

So there you go. If you see this girl today, let her know how lovely she is. If you don’t see her, write her a damn letter and let her know.



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T / cover me, will ya?

Photo Credit: Robin Lam for Make Things Well

Photo Credit: Robin Lam for Make Things Well

Maybe it all started with this photo of all the ladynauts going up to space this year. Or perhaps I owe it all to the lady Ghostbusters.  But somewhere this year, I got obsessed with onesies.  I’d been resisting them for years.  They’re so awkward to get in and out of.  But I always admired the converts.  Then Cait designed my first pair and I was HOOKED.

So I’ve been steadily increasing my little collection of rompers this year. They’ve become a staple in my wardrobe and a uniform of sorts.  I’m even putting together a bunch that will serve me well on shoot days.  Details so I can get down and get all the toddler shots while sopping up all the sweat and staying light and airy.  Rosie Riveter meets the tropics, right?

Here’s the thing tho.  I’ve got to be careful with the shape.  According to my bestie blog wifey stylist awesome person in general Cait, I have an hour glass figure.  So a smaller waist, but big hips.  I’ve got broad shoulders to boot.  I also can’t look like a toddler.  Fitted is a good idea.  Loosey goosey, not so much (though it’s a fantasy) .  So I’m experimenting with shapes ATM.  But I’m convinced this look isn’t just for the

And I decided to look at a couple of awesome ladies for their looks.

Photo Credit: Ashley Streicher

Photo Credit: Ashley Streicher

Ashley Streicher is the youngest of the LA-based beauty trifecta sisterhood of STRIIIKE.  She’s a badass at the hair thing (no seriously, check out her client log).  And when I saw her in these tomboy coveralls, I stalked hard.  Like real hard.  In my head, she needs these one pieces to suit her life and work.  So pockets are a must.  Movement is key.  So is comfort.  These jumpsuits meet all the needs.  They’re the perfect shoot uniform.  But there’s that thing about fit.  I’m not exactly lithe.


Jumpsuits by Caron Callahan (left) and Rachel Comey (right).

Photo Credit: Aleksandra Zee

Photo Credit: Aleksandra Zee (here, here, here and here)

And that’s where wood lady artist Aleksandra Zee comes in.  I’ve admired her work for years now.  As well as her perfect overalls. Holy crap.  They wrap around her hips perfectly.  After gawking at her work, I immediately noticed how all of her workwear pieces fit her body so well.  Words can’t describe how much I dig all her pieces.  Especially those overalls.  I’m currently inspired by these Madewell and Need Supply pieces.  They’re a little on the loose side, but with the right tailor, they could just work.


Overalls by Madewell (left) and Need Supply (right).


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Photo Credit: Gosia Herbert via Miss Moss

Artwork Credit: Gosia Herbert via Miss Moss

Tiff is shooting all the babies this week. And the bumps. So many bumps. Cait is sleepy and was worried about Tiff shooting babies until she remembered that she is talking about a camera, and now we are cool again. Cait is just back in Tucson for a minute before the move to LA, and wrangling all the avocados possible.

How to get featured in a street style blog during Fashion Week? Easy.

Ugh, Tiff’s PM is the cutest. Wait for the slow-mo “sorry.”

A great read that really pulled it all together for me on the cultural appropriation debate.

I am going to watch all of this, so hard. #teamremini

Mark Duplass’ TIFF advice for bootstrapping it to success in the film industry. So good.

Good to know that we will all be fine. #bradgzit? Will that pick up?

Learning about this word really helped me get all my crap together over the past week.

I am on this tumblr all the time, and this is one of my favorites.

Dinner this week!

Kerry Washington is everything I want to be.

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C / dream weaver

Maybe it’s the slightly cool air, the thought of October in America, or the fact that you buy buy “pumpkin spice” ANYTHING, but I am feeling cozy right now. I’m in DC for about 20 minutes and heading back to Tucson, and am all curled up in a sweater at the airport.

For those of you who do not live in tropical climates, this is probably uninteresting, and at best, borderline boring. That’s fine, you’re excused. For the Cambodia/Myanmar/Thailand kids, OHMYGODYOUGUYSSSSSSS. Yesterday, it was straight up crisp after dinner, and I had to pull my sweater sleeves over my hands. Most other people were dressed in t-shirts and shorts, but they all probably died of hypothermia last night.

Anyway. I got into thinking about wooly, cozy, sweater-y things last night and decided that I need to learn how to weave. I have never weaved, unless you count friendship bracelets in Girls Scouts and the sweet hemp necklaces that me and my freshman year roomie made in 2001. (HI THEA!) My aunt is an incredible weaver and I had the priviledge of drooling over her loom when I was in Cape Cod a few days ago.* Her stuff is gorgeous and she does it to relax. I will do it, almost certainly, to become frustrated, threaten to quit, pout, and probably hurt myself, but I’m excited . I looked up weaving classes in Los Angeles, and lo and behold, the universe provides. Next Thursday night, Makers Mess is hosting a Weaving for Beginners class with Kellee, and I already have a world of faith in her. Two “L’s” and two “E’s”? I trust her.

Until then, I will be filling my life with photos of things I want to wrap myself in. Like this.


Have a cozy night.


*I love everything about this sentence.

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T / happy monday / photogs who eat breakfast

Photo Credit: Symmetry Breakfast

Photo Credit: Symmetry Breakfast

A video series about creatives and my favourite meal of the day? Yes please.  And the first one ruminating about being a photog? Even better.  And yes to bagels…though I prefer the ones from Montreal.

I don’t get to sit down at home for breakfast often.  Really, it’s only once a week.  And I’d even love to have friends over for it (so far it’s only been the lucky house guests).  So when I found this new series of videos, I knew I had to share.

PS – I know it’s apparently not the most important meal of the day…but it still is in my books.

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C / five year plan gone to hell


Photo by me, yesterday.

I did a five year plan, about five years ago. It turns out, I was wrong on almost every front.

Last week, I went through some stuff I had in storage with family friends in New Jersey. I found a book that my mom gave me when I graduated from NYU, titled Where will you be fiver years from today? I think it may have been a hint, along the lines of “kid, get your shit together.” My mom would never say that though, because she’s nice to me. It’s sort of an adult activity book and it poses life questions, with space to write your answers. It’s cute, a little cheesy, and walks your through what you might want out of your life with a range of mis-matched fonts.

In the section where you map out the things you want to accomplish, I was monumentally off base. Like so, so wrong. Let’s go through a few things I was right about first, because it’s a short list.

  1. Go to NY Fashion Week. I have been in town for NYFW, and I do fashion stuff, so I am counting it.
  2. Be rude back. Oh haiii, sassy Cait. Check.
  3. Live abroad. Double check.
  4. Write letters to gram and grampa. So grateful I did this one.

That’s pretty much it.

Now the things I was wrong about. At this point, I am freshly graduated, super optimistic about the world, and a truly hopeless romantic. Don’t you judge me.

  1. Speak Portuguese. I don’t even know why I wanted to do this.
  2. Get a photograph published in National Geographic. Um, no.
  3. Go to Greece. Not yet, still want to.
  4. Sky dive. I used to love jumping out of/off things.
  5. Marry that guy. Barf.
  6. Climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Nope.
  7. Start a nutrition-education program from the Hawaii school system involving cooking, gardening and exercise. SO specific. I think I really wanted to move to Hawaii.
  8. Dance with a company and perform on stage. Not unless “company” meant “by yourself in your undies” and “on stage” meant “in the living room.”
  9. Run 5 miles straight. I’m worried about the word use on this one…is that in a straight line? As a straight person? Without stopping? No to all, I guess.
  10. Have a baby and raise her in a place close to my niece and nephew. Cannot. And why did I assume that said baby would be a girl? Was I counting on technological advances?
  11. Have a “deli day.” I am not totally sure what this was, but if it was a day eating at only deli’s in New York than I am proud of my former self for this idea.
  12. Read the New York Times every Sunday. Oh you cliché monster.
  13. Get rid of self-doubt. Well, I just doubt different things now. Maybe half-credit on this one?
  14. Move to Fort Greene in Brooklyn and eat at Tom’s Diner once a week. There is no Fort Greene in Cambodia. And no Tom’s.
  15. Learn to surf. I think I had a lot of conflicting Brooklyn and Hawaii plans.

And possibly my favorite line from the book, and 28-year-old me:

 “I want to be as healthy as possible within the boundaries of cheese.”

Honestly, This little book was painful to read. I had a lot of very specific dreams that didn’t work out and that makes me feel a little sad. I want to hug 5 years ago Cait, tell her to stop drinking so much Jameson, and let her know that she will be fine, but she’s just super wrong about a lot of things. I would also like to tell her to work on her handwriting because that business is a mess.

The cool news is that you can be wrong, about almost every major thing in life, and still be fine. I might do another five year plan now, just so I can look back on myself and laugh in another five.



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T / tiff picks TIFF 2016

Photo Credit: Matt Barnes for TIFF.  All of these were taken on an iPhone 7!

Photo Credit: Matt Barnes for TIFF. All of these were taken on an iPhone 7!

It began sometime in junior high.  That’s basically when I knew I had a taste for this.  The movies never have to get big.  That’s not the point.  But the films I chose wound up getting known.  That was more important.  I guess I knew early on that I was a serious ENFJ.  And that I wanted to be an arbiter of the visual medium.  And my namesake, the Toronto International Film Festival, was my ultimate playground.  The festival is in full swing in my hometown right now.  Christian Bale is photobombing everyone’s festival selfie.  I’ve been making my annual tiff picks for TIFF since I was 13, so why stop now?

Before I get into it, here are the Honorable Mentions.  The films that didn’t quite make the cut, already got too much attention, or don’t have a trailer yet.  But all I can say right now is that I can’t wait to see party girl Anne Hathaway get all monstery.  Here is my other shortlist:

Nocturnal Animals, Colossal, Mascots, The Autopsy of Jane Doe, The Rehearsal


This film had me at hello and it’s been on my radar since way before TIFF.  I don’t know what it is.  No I do.  It’s all the intersections.  The mumblecore nature.  Boyhood, sexuality, depressed economies.  Everything.  And it just looks so rich.  Yet it all seems balanced at the same time.  I can’t wait to see what comes for everyone who made this film happen.

Maybe it’s because we did visit Nepal this year.  And the fact that I want to go back and experience more of it (as well as see this girl).  White Sun has a powerful plot line.  Perhaps it’s also because I share the feeling of the prodigal child coming home.  In any case, this film evokes a new voice to me and I can’t wait to lay my eyes on it.

The Road to Mandalay

I’m always on the lookout for cinema from southeast Asia that really has power. I think it’s because I’ve always wanted to share the sights and sounds and feelings of living and working in this region with all of my loved ones. The cinematography in this film just gets it perfect.  I know, I know.  I’m not a Burmese migrant worker.  And The Road to Mandalay is heavy on the romanticization, but damn, it’s gorgeous and it gets the heat, the intensity of the experience, and everything just right.

It’s Just the End of the World

There is Canadian cinema. And then there’s Quebecois cinema.  And then there’s Xavier Dolan. So I don’t care if this film is populated by really big French actors (hello my favourites: Vincent Cassel, Marion Cotillard and Léa Seydoux), nor the fact that it’s based on a French play. I’m still counting this as Canadian.  It looks beautiful.  It was shot on 35mm and you can totally tell.  The light is just perfect. I can’t wait to lay my eyes on this one.

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Photo Credit: William Santiago

Photo Credit: William Santiago

Tiff is still trying to figure out the perfect work uniform, signing up for online courses, and doing all the things that one should do in September. Cait made this post late again. She’s sorry, but she was busy having gigantic meaningful experiences in New York and she just rembered that she forgot this. All links via tiff because she is a more responsible blogger. 

Thoughtful (and foodful?) chatter on cultural appropriation is always wanted.

Katia and Ludi created the best kind of CULT.

Exactly how edible is that gorgeous smoothie bowl on your Instagram?

All of Adam J. Kurtz’s little life lessons are always on the spot.

I love Elizabeth Suzann’s new community site.  See how each of her outfits look on all the bodies.


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C / Opening Ceremony


It’s fashion week in New York, and there are shows all over town. The city is flooded with large sunglasses, shoes worth more than my rent, and over 700 Kardashians. I was almost mowed down by a flock of human giraffes yesterday and had to throw carbs at them to protect myself.

Aside from the temporary, very attractive mayhem, the shows have been impressive. Not that I have been to any of them, but from what I see on the internet, things are great. The brand that has my attention right now is Opening Ceremony. Right out of the gate, Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, founders of Opening Ceremony, have worked in a slightly different realm than their contemporaries. Their initial inspiration came from the Olympic Games, and whenever they are working in an international space, they bring in guest designers, collaborators, and turn their work into a local marketplace. The idea of fashion encouraging inclusiveness is something I am SO behind.

With their show last week, they kept up with that vibe. The show, named “Pageant of the People” was hugely focused on politics, and instead of only runway models, the catwalk was sprinkled with strong famous ladies, full of swagger. Women walked the runway and then answered questions on feminism, politics, immigration and police brutality. Imagine that, awesome chicks, wearing awesome clothes, being all smart and articulate.

When I pull my collection onto the runway at fashion week, expect something like this.


Ali Wong, comedian, actor, potential funniest person alive


Natasha Lyonne, actor, and the person I would want to be in prison with. 


Rashida Jones, actor and everything else.


Sarah McBride, transgender activist and National Press Secretary of the Human Rights Campaign. Pretty much amazing all around. 


Jessica Willams, comedian and my biggest crush.


Diane Guerrero, actor, cat-eye pro,  and all around badass.


Aidy Bryant, actor, comedian, beacon of light in a dark world.


Aubrey Plaza, actor and my grumpy spirit animal.


Alia Shawkat, actor and killing it in that red dress.

All photos via V0gue


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T / happy monday / back to school mixtape

Photo Credit: Black Mountain College via the North Carolina Digital Collections and The Reed

Photo Credit: Black Mountain College via the North Carolina Digital Collections and The Reed

So in theory, we’d begin the slow down right around this party of year.  Unless you’ve got an Indian Summer going on, the days will start to get shorter, the layers will start happening and your toes will pull on their covers (unless of course, you’re from Canada, where Birks last well until November).   But things stay sexy, in a completely different way from the summer.

In these parts, the rain is back and that’s pretty much the closest I’m gonna get to fall temperatures over here.  So I decided to mix up a bunch of brand spanking new tunes that help cool things down and slow the pace.  I can pretty much feel the leaves crunch under my feet when I listen to Her’s Five Minutes. I slipped in a little slow jamming with Jamila Woods and her beloved Minnie Ripperton too.  The indie rock just screams back to school, get your back pack on, doesn’t it?

PS – You all live everywhere!  So we’re trying to make sure the tunes can get to you! Bear with us as we try out new music sharing platforms that make our ears in Cambodia and the US happy.