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C/ New Music (to me)


Hi team, I am here to talk about new music, because most other topics right now are so triggering that I just want to stare at photos of this hedgehog all day and pray for sleep.

So, new music. I know, I am not the one that you guys usually go to for music. Tiff is younger, and cooler, and we all know that, and it’s FINE, but I have something to share. I mentioned about 4000 times that I went to a Solange concert a few weeks ago. Solange is amazing, but you already knew that. What you might not know about, is how cool her friends are.

I am here to talk about the crew that came with her, the supporting acts that blew my damn MIND and have changed my world the last few weeks.

  1. Blood Orange


3. Kelela

I hope you like this stuff, it has made the last few weeks better for me.

xx cait

Image via AXS


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T / happy monday / lush life

Photo Credit: Emily Lush

I met Emily Lush, the super cool Aussie behind the gorgeous namesake travel site Wander-Lush, long after I first noticed her.  It was at Tonle’s Fashion Revolution event in Phnom Penh.  And she was in this amazingly simple yet hyper on the cool dress. So when she wanted to meet up, it was an absolute yes.

That was a couple of years ago.  When Emily was working among all the denizens of the development sector and spearheading Cambodia’s own Fashion Revolution chapter. But she knew her true calling was behind the camera, crafting stories about artisans and ethical fashion, and traveling the world.  She left for the Caucasus region last year and I’ve been following her ever since.  Her Instagram account is gorgeous.  But the must-visit is Wander-Lush, where she is charting her travel story and sharing everything.  And if I was a better planner, this would be an actual interview and I’d have her entire story for you.  You’ll have to settle for a YouTube video for now.

She just posted her first video and I just had to share.  Emily’s currently hunkered down in Vietnam and eating the most delicious sweets, sours and bitters and shooting the most beautiful things that you can check out from your very own screen.  She’s basically being adventurous for all of us.  And I can’t wait to see more!

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Tiff is getting ready for her trip out West, and Cait is trying to find a way see her. Cait feels like she deserves a helicopter on call for free, but no one seems to be buying it. For both of us, it’s the silence before the storm right now. It’s about to get REAL BUSY UP IN HERE, and while that’s exciting, and visitors are awesome, we are packing our emotional go-bags and stocking up on water. I don’t totally know what that means, but you’ll be fine.

Check out Jane Fonda and Helen Mirren killing it at PFW.

I saw this lady in concert last week and she blew my damn mind. Listen.

I still cannot get over how dapper our new party leader in Canada is.

I am really, sincerely happy for her. And jealous.

Really want to work here.  (And congrats to Katie on her first exhibition!)


I really do think those “influencers” need to get on the politicking.

Finding all kinds of inspiration in this art.

I’m doing the same thing. Except it doesn’t really include anything designer.

Ok, this came out. I had hear it was coming out, it’s a big fucking deal, and it’s certainly not a surprise after living in LA for 20 minutes. I have opinions on a lot of it, but I keep coming back to the woman that wrote the memo, that didn’t ask for her life to be set on fire right now, and couldn’t comment in the piece, due to legal restrictions in her settlement. Sending her love, and sending love to all the women that don’t feel like they can come forward.

Photo via A Well Traveled Woman

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C / Full of Surprises


We are currently living in a world where Bethenny Frankel is doing visibly more to support the relief efforts in Puerto Rico, than 45 is. A reality star, known for her Skinnygirl product line, and for trashing Ramona, like, hard on Real Housewives of New York City, (it’s fine, Ramona deserves it, she’s honestly batshit crazy), wasn’t the person I would have expected to step up and charter 4 planes full of supplies to bring to Puerto Rico. But I love surprises, and this is impressive to me.

I think people get stuck in the stages of HOW to help when it comes to something like this, and there is contradictory information on who is doing the best work, and where the money is going. Fatigue is reasonable, because it feels like there is constantly something horrible to help out with, honestly because there is. Feel that, for like an hour, and then do something. The most productive thing you can do, if you can’t dedicate your time to the effort, is donate money. Here is a good list.

Call your local government and remind them that climate change is a real thing and that someone with a legitimate scientific background should probably be in charge of the EPA.


I started writing this piece over the weekend, before the shootings in Las Vegas. I don’t have any unique thoughts about it, only that it’s insane that this is still happening, and the current administration is refusing to do anything about gun control, or even talk about it. While you are on the phone with your representative to talk about the EPA, also let them know how you feel about gun control. Learn about Everytown, donate if you can. This isn’t something that is out of our control. No more guns. No more guns. No more guns.

Trevor Noah said it well yesterday,

“I can’t give you thoughts and prayers. I can only say that I am sorry that we live in a world where there are people who will put a gun before your lives.

Please be extra kind, extra gentle, extra welcoming, and extra understanding of the humans around you. Connection and empathy are desperately important always, and damn near vital right now.


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C/ Hold up.


Wait wait wait, back up. Everyone stop. We didn’t celebrate Tiff’s birthday.

Our beloved Tiff had a birthday over the weekend, so if you see her, let her know that that the “Birthday Week” rules still apply, and that she should keep celebrating. Time zones are confusing, and everything I have learned from jet lag tells me that they are endless, so it’s still your birthday somewhere, Tiff.

Now, if you don’t know Tiff personally, you might not know some of the best things about her. I mean, you can gather a lot of the good stuff from reading the blog. She’s funny, super into art and fonts (her favorite is comic sans, be sure to use that in any correspondence with her), she loves fashion, design of any kind, and makes the best play lists. These are all amazing things, but the best stuff isn’t public facing.

Tiff is one of the most considerate and thoughtful people I have ever met, and this past year, with my life full of hectic and constant change, she has stepped up from a million miles away to be there for me. When it would have been easy to feel forgotten after moving away, she made sure that I still felt love and connection. She is also the great sharer of all time. Wether it be food, art, music, or honestly probably food, she makes sure that everyone is invited, and always has the best recommendations on where to go to make your belly and heart happy. Her enthusiasm for all of those things is contagious, and she makes any room more fun to be in.

So, people in the Penh, if you are lucky enough to know our girl, give her a hug for me, and then send her to the states.

Tiff, I love you! I hope your birthday was at least a third as special as you are. xx

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Out of Office-ish

chaing mai

Hi guys. Tiffany is in Chaing Mai this week, eating everything that Cait would like to be eating, and apparently going hog wild in fabric stalls in the markets. Cait is having a hard time containing her jealousy while typing in third person.

While Tiff is traveling, I am trying to keep up blog stuff, and I am not always great at it. You may have noticed in the past few months, we have taken something of a summer break from the blog. It might just be an excuse to be lazy, but we both genuinely want to keep the content on this thing valuable, and not just content for the sake of it. If we are particularly uninspired, we choose not to publish anything, because the blog is a reflection of things we are passionate about, and not of things we feel obligated to do.

So forgive the gaps in our timeline, and if you need a little more C+T in your life, follow along on our Instagram pages, @caitandtiff, @tiff.tsang, @infinitiff, and @caitdeck. Tiff is better at posting all the pretty things, which is lucky for you, because you don’t really want photos of me in sweaty pilates clothes and my sad attempts at healthy eating. Literally no one cares about my fitness journey.

Have a great Wednesday x

And the photo is by Tiffany Tsang, of course.

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C / hi again


Photo via DesignLoveFest

Hey there, it’s been a little while since I have written anything. Can I blame Mercury in retrograde? I am not 100% sure what that means, but people always say it when things are feeling off. I think the planets are going the wrong way? Something about the moon? My spirit animal is in the wrong orbit? I am honestly not making fun of it, I just don’t understand how it works, and I want to blame my problems on it.

Tonight, I am sitting on a couch in New York, with not that much more to say. I have to buy a dress for a fancy wedding this weekend, and I can’t make a damn decision. Can the planets handle that too?


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C/ Eclipse Yourself


We make resolutions every year, and January is always filled with the hope and pressure of changing our lives. A lot of these resolutions are forgotten or ignored, and by March we feel like we have failed to reach and arbitrary goal. It’s not a great system.

So what I have done this week, is set Eclipse resolutions. I don’t know a whole lot about moon cycles, Mercury in retrograde, or how the planets impact my productivity, but I like the idea of making reflective choices based on a non-human event. Humans decide when the New Year is, but the moon doesn’t give a shit what humans think. The moon just danced in front of our view of the sun to either a. remind us that we are tiny creatures in a giant universe and we are all in this together or b. mess with crickets and have them make night noises during the day. Could be both.

I am also super into the eclipse resolution model, because I only have to do it once every 37 years, so that gives me some time to get some of these things done. Everything I have read about the eclipse discusses letting go of unhelpful patterns, and shedding things in life that you don’t need. It’s about looking at yourself honestly and owning your story.

It is totally possible to do this without any consideration of the moon, obviously. Like most things, you can decide if you let it impact you or not, but I like the anchoring feeling of this beautiful event that we are not in charge of.

So, in the spirit of being honest with myself and owning my story and such, I am going to NOT share my resolutions, because over-sharing is a pattern that doesn’t always serve me well. See? This stuff really works.

Image via Koji Kudo


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C/ My Cousin Wrote This


My cousin, Rick, is one of the most eloquent people I have ever met. After the racist garbage in Charlottesville last weekend, he shared this beautiful piece, and it’s one of the best things I have read on the events. I have been stumbling over how to be angry in a productive way all week, these words have helped me to organize the tornado in my brain. There is a lot of work to do.


There’s so much to say, and at the moment, I’m stuck on this:

One of the strategies the alt-right neonazi white supremacist terrorists use all the time is this: they claim that what they’re doing is legally protected Free Speech, and then they deliberately push their “speech” into a territory that is NOT legally protected — and then they sit back and revel in the confusion.

Forming a mob with guns, torches, and pepper spray, then attacking people in public isn’t legally protected “Free Speech.” Pointing guns at people isn’t “Free Speech”. Neither are threats and intimidation, or harrassment of individuals (online and in public speeches made on college campuses). And they know all this.

But, like internet trolls (in fact many of them are proud, well-practiced internet trolls), they aren’t trying to make coherent arguments for principles (like Free Speech, or the value of statues of Robert E. Lee) — they’re just trying to make people angry, frustrated, and exhausted, and thereby sow chaos and misery among their opponents. They’re quite clear in their manifestos that this is a deliberate strategy of theirs.

They are TRYING to get us to look upon our cherished ideals, including Freedom of Speech, with dismay and despair. They LOVE the fact that their deliberate misuse of the concept of Free Speech causes us to argue with each other angrily and endlessly. And by muddying the waters so deliberately, they obscure the fact that they obviously have never wanted to “peaceably assemble”. These people would have literally no idea what to do at a peaceful assembly. They want to incite chaos, violence, and race riots — with weapons and illegal actions.

There is no reason we should be having principled arguments among ourselves about whether they should be allowed to have a “peaceful march”. They should definitely be allowed to have a peaceful march — in a parallel universe where one of their marches might ever actually be peaceful. In this universe, we can see with our own eyes that they don’t want a peaceful march, and they aren’t going to have a peaceful march. (Would they be willing to have a peaceful march where they couldn’t bring guns and torches and shields and pepper spray — like every peaceful march I’ve ever been to? Pretty sure we know how that conversation would play out.)

Because, as they well know, in the world of actual Free Speech, where ideas are discussed and discredited and discarded, they lost. They lost a while ago. The vast majority of the world hates and mocks their “ideas”. (It’s almost cute how even when they attend an openly nazi rally, they STILL can’t bring themselves to speak to the press about their actual “ideas” — they have to claim to be motivated by things like “History” and “European Culture”, two subjects they clearly have no interest in or knowledge of.) They CAN’T win arguments (on the internet or anywhere else) on the strength of their “ideas”, so they troll instead. They CAN’T get the attention they want or attain any of their other loathsome goals with a peaceful march, so they have a violent one instead.

I myself love *actual* Freedom of Speech. I hate censorship of all kinds. I also have no patience for people who use “Freedom of Speech” as a cover for their various repulsive non-speech behaviors. I think it’s absolutely great that GoDaddy is kicking dailystomachchurner off their server — because congratulating your readers on a murder one of them committed is clearly an incitement to violence and not legally protected speech. I also think it’s great that people have decided, through speaking freely to their elected representatives, that they don’t want statues of Robert E. Lee or confederate flags in their public spaces. Sorry, alt-white trolls, you lost that argument.

Wanna protest? Fine! Protest! Have a sit in, lock arms, sing songs about Robert E. Lee (do you know any?), lie down in front of the statue when the crane comes to knock it over, get arrested, go to court, make a beautiful emotional speech, try to win public approval for your side… oh right, you’re not going to do any of those things, because taking “principled stands” about Robert E. Lee isn’t what you’re really about (what you’re really about is… I’ll say it in a minute). And if you did take such a “principled stand”, it wouldn’t work, because we’ve already heard your arguments and decided they pretty much suck. That’s too bad for you. It doesn’t mean you get to threaten and kill people instead.

Because, alt-white trolls, that IS what you’re really about. You’re really about racism, which for you is about threatening and killing (and in various ways controlling) people who you think are inferior to you (though frankly everyone can see that you’re, to put it mildly, not superior to anybody). In your fantasies, you will have the right to do those things openly some day, but in the real world you won’t, so you retreat into your self-created Stupid Zone of offensive words and pictures, a zone you deliberately make stupider by the minute, where you can sort of pretend that you sort of DO have the right to sort-of-Free-Speech-your-way-into-doing-something-or-other — and then you crawl back briefly into the light of actual reality and you do something like what we saw last weekend. Which is not your right, and never will be.

White people (I am one) have an absolute responsibility to speak out (and take actions) against these alt-right neonazi white-supremacist terrorists and everything they do, and every way that racism (the alt-right’s racism and others’ racism and our own racism) still permeates this society. We don’t have any responsibility to “engage” with their “ideas” because that conversation is over. Getting sucked into a debate about Freedom of Speech is falling for one of their tricks. Freedom of Speech is great, and what they’re doing isn’t it. End of this particular tirade.


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Tiff is obsessing about stationary and ordered a bunch of stuff from the US that will probably arrive in Cambodia (because infinitely slow snail mail) around Christmas time.  Yay surprises! Cait is pulling out all the flannel she owns because it has dipped below 75 in LA, and trying not to pull all of her hair out in reaction to the state of the country.

Way too cool.  Though I’d probably get freaked out if I saw these floating around.

The biz behind the myth!  But I still think French girls are way cool.

Mindy Kaling’s house – swoon!

All the pretty fonts. 

Really looking forward to this one piece suit I’m getting this weekend!! (yay visitors)