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C / LA top 5 for February


Photo by Barry Feinstein 

When I moved to LA, I promised myself I would take advantage of all the cool stuff it has to offer. I was going to go see art, go to live music, and really get involved in the neighborhood. Instead, I know a lot about Netflix and have really enjoyed the view of the park from my window.

In an effort to get out of this ridiculous, wasteful rut, I have signed up for yoga, become a member at a museum, and I am making friends with the nice ladies at the juice shop. I am starting to carve out my little life here, and it’s important to me that this little life is filled with the things that I was (constantly) complaining about missing in Cambodia.

My favorite things in February are:

  1. The basics class at Urth Yoga, with Ivette. I love yoga, and have been doing it pretty regularly since college. This class has me making my schedule around it, because of the amazing teacher. For each class, there is a specific message/intention/vibe that she focuses on, and weaves in throughout the practice. It ends up feeling a little bit like stretchy therapy.
  2. Cool Haus ice cream sandwiches. You know when people find out about something delicious but unhealthy, and then they say they wish they didn’t know about it? That does not apply here. These are so delicious, and make me so happy, that the endorphins released into my body while I am eating them, actually sword fight the sugar, fat, and whatever else makes these little bitches so amazing. It also happens to be a woman-owned company and they started their empire out of a truck.
  3. Echo Park lake. Every third photo on my phone is of the lake. I spend most of my mornings walking around it, and trying to figure out which dogs I want to steal legally adopt in the future. It’s full of every kind of person, and at night the taco trucks a vendors line the park and the whole neighborhood shows up.
  4. LACMA. I have a membership here (super cool holiday gift) and I have been trying to go as often as possible. It’s a massive space, with a number of different building and all kinds of art. They rotate the exhibitions pretty regularly, and recently took down the “spaghetti” which is actually the Jesús Rafael Soto piece,”Penetrable.” When they were taking it down last week, they gave pieces of the spaghetti away, and I got one! Now I have a dirty yellow tube in my kitchen, and it counts as art.
  5. The Den MeditationSo, I have never been able to meditate, and I don’t think I have ever really been in the place to try. When I arrived in LA, my brain was the equivalent of emotional scrambled eggs. There has been a lot going on in my brain and heart, and when these classes were suggested to me, I was like, “okay, hippie.” But then I started going, and it turns out, carving out time to be kind to yourself and fully address things that stress you out, is healthy. I am doing classes on mindfulness and self compassion and it feels pretty good to be slightly less of an asshole to myself. Who knew?

So that’s my top five for the month. Because I am such a newb in town, I wouldn’t dream of doing a city guide or anything like that. But I will be doing this little top 5 every month to share what is going on in my world.

Big hugs!



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C / 5 great things

art.jpgMy brain is all over the place this week, having a lot to do with my impending trip the US, intermittent migraines, heavy work calendar, and transitions all around. It’s mostly good stuff, but it makes me into a terrible procrastinator when I need to take care of my own stuff, and I ate two pieces of cold pizza before I sat down to write this, because I am convinced it will help me “focus.” I think it’s working.

Because I’m a spaz this week, that’s what you get. You get 5 things that were awesome this week, with no real order or reason.

  1. We were in a short movie last night! We will tell you more about it soon, but we can tell you now that it required gigantic hair, and even more hairspray. The end result was sort of like if Taylor Swift and Adele had an old baby. Tiff looked like she should be in a 60’s variety show, in the very best way. See below. us
  2. It’s nothing new, but Graceland remains my very favorite album. Went back to it again this week, and it’s the best. Bonus, I get really excited when Paul Simon says “Tucson” and I’m like THAT’S MEEEEE.
  3. Titus Andromedon, from The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I watched this about 30 times to prepare for the shoot last night. 
  4. Random emails. I have reached out to, been reached out to a few times this week, from people I want to know, people I used to know, and people I love but don’t talk to enough. If you are thinking about someone, reach out, even if you don’t know them. Not in a creepy way, but in general, most people like connecting, and it’s fun and awesome.
  5. This is what my hair looks like after an hour of teasing, a can of hair spray, 3 cocktails and a good night’s sleep. I miss it

The end.caitsig

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C + T / top five / travel x wellness


Photo Credit: Lillian Bassman

The original idea of this post was that both Tiff and Cait would write down their most helpful tips on staying healthy while traveling. That worked, but the thing is, we wrote down the same five tips. So instead of ten, you get five, because reading things twice is boring. Without further ado, here is how to not feel terrible after a long haul.

1. Aisle Seat. Aisle Seat. Aisle Seat.

I make a point of booking ahead and requesting for an aisle seat on all of my long-haul flights (we’re talking 5+ hours here).  Long gone are the gems of seeing a new skyline (and the Instagram opportunities) of a window seat upon landing.  And if I don’t manage to get that aisle seat, I’ll politely coerce my neighbour into a trade.  “Hi, just to let you know, I’ll be getting up every 45 minutes, so if you would like to minimize the air-rage…”  I need to move around. All of my body is happier when I do it.

2. Drink water like there is no tomorrow.

I will occassionally indulge in a glass of wine during a flight, but I’m usually obsessed with keeping hydrated while in-flight.  If the flight attendant is passing around water. Take it.  And ask for more. Always.  The flight cabin is unnaturally dry.  Headaches.  General discomfort. And don’t even get me started on skin.  It will also help with jet lag too!  So says the pros.

3. A little me-time.

I’ve been enjoying the new movement of intuitive, or slow travel.  But if it’s for work, or you’re on the mad dash to tag off a list, it’s easy to get exhausted and forget the reason why you’ve moved mountains and oceans to arrive in a destination.  I like taking in the small moments of solace. Whether it’s in the middle of public transit (like rides on Bangkok’s BTS), a slow coffee at a calm little joint, or taking the night off and recovering and reflecting from the day’s inputs.  Recovery is also important. I’ve been recovering from a persistent little head cold during this trip to Kenya and being conscious of my body and to what extent I can take it has really helped me extend things here.  Also…jetlag.

4. Eat locally and intuitively.

I find it hard to control myself when I’m traveling.   I’m on vacation, so why not go crazy on the bread and pasta?   I try to be a little more intuitive with my eating while on travel.  Giving a little thought about when it’s okay to go a little nuts at the hotel breakfast buffet (before a big long hike).  My partner and I wind up sharing dishes in order to cover as much ground as possible.  Alternatively, I also travel to eat. Local food is a constant for me.  I’ve learned from friends and experience that eating street food does not necessitate a date with head over toilet.  Looking out for spots crowded with locals offers a bit of easy crowdsourcing.  And if you really want to minimize the risk of a stomach bug, I’ve been taking a charcoal pill before a day of anticipated street eats.  Charcoal, the active ingredient in products like Pepto Bismol, will coat your stomach and prevent the nasties from getting into you.  It’s worked wonders for me in India and Myanmar.

5. At least one attempt at exercise. 

Your destination will impact how active you are.  How active you are will also determine how you feel during your trip. Cities might be great for walking or quite the opposite due to issues of safety.  Or you might be on the beach and the last thing you want is to head to the gym. Regardless of the place, I’ll try to get in some exercise.  I might eschew a WOD (though I really love touring Crossfit gyms) for a very long and challenging hike through the most gorgeous of national parks, like I did this past week.  Or I’ll bring a skipping rope with me and try to get in 100 double-unders to start my day.signatures





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C + T / top five

top-five-headerThere are always things making us happy during the month.  So we decided to share them with you!

Cait: Chimichurri

I spent a few months in Argentina when I was 23. I spent a good amount of time on that trip drinking wine and eating steak. Steak with chimichurri. A sexy mix of garlic, good olive oil, lemon, and any herbs you can find. I make a giant batch (this will stank up your kitchen) and then use it on everything from chicken and steak to eggs and potatoes.

Tiff: Steak Tartare

I like my meat raw.  I’m serious here.  Good quality, nicely marbled, and raw. Except for poultry.  I know they do that that in Osaka and that’s probably the only place I would have it.  But anyways, the dish at hand here is a melt in your mouth, chopped to the appropriate size, perfectly seasoned steak tartare (see that here).  This would be my deserted island food.  And we are so lucky that Cochise has brought a stellar tartare to Phnom Penh at his Bistrot Bassac.  Count on it that Cait and I are here at least twice a week.


Photo Credit: Everlane and Shop Bop

Cait: Everlane Ryan Muscle Tank

This one has been in heavy rotation all year, so its a good thing I have it in two colors. It’s crazy comfortable, it falls well and I love that the company is so transparent abut exactly how and wear their clothing is made. Win win win.

Tiff: Steven Alan Winona Dress

I like me some uniforms.  The shirtdress has always been a key part of my professional capsule wardrobe, but I needed a cool new one to spruce up my post-office life.  Then I watched the pilot episode of Marry Me and I was instantly hooked on this number that we first meet Casey Wilson in.  With the stellar seamstresses of Phnom Penh, I’ve now got two in my collection and there will definitely be more in the future.

Photo Credit: Condé Nast and Melicacy

Photo Credit: Condé Nast and Melicacy

Cait: Paris

Yes, the most cliche of all places to put on a list. I care not. When I was traveling back and forth from Africa, Paris used to be my favorite place to layover and relax for a few days before returning to real life. It’s also a fantastic place to eat your feelings and mend a broken heart. Or at least stick it back together with cheese. I am planning a trip to Paris with my mom right now, and its going to be the best. I can’t wait to play and eat and shop and eat and drink and eat and play.

Tiff: Yogyakarta

There are always back up travel plans.  And if Uganda doesn’t happen in April, I already have my eye on Plan B: Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Also known affectionately as Jogja, and only a hop away from big brother Bali,  it is home to the Borobudur temples and a hip scene of artisans and other makers.  This means a ton of gorgeous batik, delicious local cuisine and a great mix of culture and nature.

Photo Credit: Big Data

Photo Credit: Arrested Development and Big Data

Cait: Arrested Development- 1992

I love early 90’s hip hop and R&B. Most of my music preferences often lean toward this era, or earlier, which is why Tiff is in charge of proving you with cool new music.  But I will not apologize for still loving Arrested Development. I remember listening to Tenessee, Everyday People and Mr Wendal as an awkward tween with no idea what the words meant. It didn’t matter, and now that I do understand what they are talking about, the lyrics hold up.

Tiff: Big Data – Clean (Featuring Jamie Lidell)

Can’t say no to crooner Jamie Lidell and a cool little logo for Big Data. This new project comes from producer Alan Wilkis, who is remixing everyone up the wazoo these days, and I can’t stop playing it.  So is it making me happy?  Hell yeah.

Photo Credit: Vogue

Photo Credit: NBC and Vogue

Cait: Celebrity Bitch Slap

This is a game that was introduced to me last night at dinner. Basically, you pick a celebrity that you would like to slap in the face. It’s really fun. So we are clear, the Kate McKinnon as Justin Bieber photo above is an homage to her, and yes he is my choice to receive a smack or two.

Tiff: Bespoke-Indie-Slow-Magazines

I don’t talk about this often on the blog, but I’m keen on shifting my horizons to creating a web-mag that completely rides on the coattails of these wicked indie mags that have been exploding since bespoke bicycles became a thing.  These highly curated, pretty much tailored, and definitely produced with a slow lifestyle in mind, serve as the inspo for not only how content appears on this blog, but also tell Cait and I where we sit in the whole hip-o-sphere and the gap we are intending to fill.  Endless ideas that we are playing with every day, basically.



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C+T / top five

top-five-headerThere are always things that are making us happy during the week.  So we decided to share them with you!

Cait: dulce de leche

I don’t really know how this started, i think it was when Alissa made alfajores and I was transported back to my days of backpacking with my best friend in Argentina, and eating dulce de leche out of the jar. It so weird that I gained all that weight there…I have been making it, giving it away, and putting it on everything this month. No signs of slowing down.

Tiff: cortado

Ever since Corbett started the soft open of the Kettlebell Café (more on that next week!) at Crossfit Amatak, none of my mornings have been complete without this little glass of a one to one ratio of espresso and foamy milk.  I’m a diagnosed coffee addict, so you can imagine how I’m reeling after a 630am work out.  This cup of wonder solves the sweaty zombie problem.  The good company that comes with the coffee is nice too.


Photo Credit: Brooks Brothers, Tonlé

Cait: Brooks Brothers Man Shirt

My mom gave me this for Christmas and it show up about 2-3 times/week. It’s big enough that it’s somehow cozy and cool at the same time, but doesn’t look gigantic. I have it in white, so it feels classic, especially when I drop my pad thai down the front. (Tide pens were created for me.)

Tiff: Tonlé Kampot Skirt ($32 USD, available in Tonlé’s Phnom Penh boutique)

Last year I got to try this skirt on at a super fun photo shoot for Tonlé.  I loved it so much, the way it draped, and hugged my curves and flaunted what I struggle to heart about my body. So of course I had to take it home with me.  Now it’s my go-to piece for cocktails with the girls, date night, or an evening of live music and dancing.  I’m currently sad it’s in the laundry.

Photo Credit: kahle1bd and sögreni

Photo Credit: kahle1bd and Velorbis

Cait: Japan

I want to go back. I think about how I can get there on the daily and dream of slurping noodles in crowded alleys and chillin’ with monkeys in hot springs. Its a thing.

Tiff: Copenhagen

In June, I’m heading to Copenhagen to see my amazing, super smart, saving the world from obesity and its discontents friend Jo.  I can’t wait.  In preparation, I’m watching this, and planning to see the city by cycle while Jo’s at work.

jan-30---hear-seeCait: The Imitation Game

I saw this a few weeks ago, and it hasn’t left my brain. It was profound and beautiful and sad. And how bouncy was Kiera Knightly’s hair?

Tiff: In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye

I’m all soaking up all the photography and layout skillz right now, so when I saw this coming on, my week got better.  Getting to know the ladies behind the photos and the looks is exactly what I need right now.

Photo Credit: Pocket Yoga, Davines and Xtava

Photo Credit: Pocket Yoga, Davines and Xtava

Cait: Pocket Yoga App

This thing is awesome. It has different classes, music, class lengths and backgrounds. I am partial to the desert class. There is a very nice lady that feels like a real yoga teacher taking you through each class. In the last few weeks, it has made me less crazy and I can touch my forehead to my knees now, which makes me look crazy anyway. Success.

Tiff: Davines Curl Building Serum and Xtava Collapsibe Diffuser

When I got my hair chopped off last year, Vaughn decided to work with the natural waves I have and build it to this great wavy curly ‘do that I’m so digging and will get out every so often these days.  He taught me how to build this look using a curl building serum by Davines and this nifty collapsible diffuser that I can bring with me on travels.  I’ve been avoiding the diffuser since I thought it would take ages to set, but I was basically wrong.  10 minutes.  Bam.  So happy about this new look.