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T / happy monday

Photo Credit: Sea Chant  (Andrew and Carissa Gallo) for Kinfolk

Photo Credit: Sea Chant for Kinfolk

Hey Dudes and Dudettes.  How fast have the last months gone by?  The speed of light and then some.  I woke up this morning only to find that half of year 30 had gone by.  When did that happen?  Oh right, it was in the middle of all the blog and life planning sessions had over double espressos and double shot lattes, photo shoots, fabric escapades, motorcycle trips, great meals.  Life happened in the time between (with some time by the sea).  Highs and lows.  Mostly highs.  We now both have clients, and are beyond the galaxy of happy.

Cait and I just came back from yet another relaxing and fun weekend with our amazing group of friends at Villa Romonea, down in Kep (more about that later this week).  And so when I sat down to write this morning’s post, I wanted to dedicate it to the friends near and far, new and old, and the ones we have not yet even met.  You guys have been beyond supportive of our efforts in the last months.  Sufficiently brave to ask for our unproven services.  Lending an ear during times confusion and utter insecurity.  Taking notice of us, slicing a bit of their time, offering valuable mentorship and advice.  It still takes me by surprise when someone tells me they enjoyed reading one of our posts! “You know we have a blog? You go to it? Really?”

So we got to spend the weekend with some of these really special friends.  We forgot about the world for a microbit of time (I magically avoided social media for about 24 hours).  And I feel like this video (from Kinfolk…how appropriate) captures that feeling.

Kinfolk Volume 5 // Fall Camping from We Are The Rhoads on Vimeo.


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T / happy monday


Photo Credit: Haukur Sigurðsson

What can I say? I am flipping between relaxed and excited this Monday morning, and I hope you are too.  The last couple of weeks since taking on C+T on full time has made completely changed my mood, my mind and my overall outlook on life.  My mind has been rewired and I like it.  Being able to build a business with your best friend (whoa alliteration) is pretty much the best thing ever.  We’ve got all this momentum going, opportunities opening up and it feels like nothing can stop us now.  Not even those pesky southeast Asian tummy bugs that pop up on a quarterly, if not monthly basis.

All of this activity also means that there hasn’t been much quiet time for reflection and recalibration.  Deep breathing, basically.  This can be hard to achieve in a tiny emerging Asian economy with all the exhaust fumes, construction noise and non-stop activity.  Oh and restaurant openings, good-bye parties and ice-cream-centred shebangs.  So I decided to forgo FOMO and run away.  My man and I fled to the mountains this past weekend (which you will hear more about on Thursday) and it was exactly what we needed.  Silence.  A simple breeze.  Reading aloud most of this New Yorker article on Angela Merkel until the sun set.  The little things.  I can’t wait to share more with you!

In the meantime, here’s a little vid from the peeps at Green Renaissance and FoodieTV (a fave app of mine) .  This meditation on art, food, and the slow life through the eyes of woodcut artist Joshua Miles is just magical.  Those sweeping prairies of South Africa’s Western Cape don’t hurt either.

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T / happy monday / silly x pretty

L'Mad-Banner---1Good morning you awesome pretty things you.  I hope you all had a restful weekend.  Moi?  Well, I got run down with a cold that excused me from social fun this weekend.  But in a way, the respite was exactly what I needed with all the crazy holiday fun explosion that’s been happening (…in a Buddhist country – who knew?).  I got to stay home and do some me-only things. Like binge on guilty television pleasures.  And sort through my crazy collection of scarves (apparently I’ve only been wearing the top layer of my pile).  Or play dress up with a bunch of fun vintage flare I forgot I owned (hello lime green art-teacher jacket thing). Oh and sleep.

Even though Monday is already here and my morning was quite the busy one, I thought I thought I’d share this little video.  Check out this magical silly morning filled with the craziest pairings and the best colour matching. And of course, lazy, lingering, cups of coffee.

Ben Johnson for L’Mad Collection – a short by Michael MacGarry from L’MAD Collection on Vimeo.

By the way, those gorgeous scarves?  They’re creations of graphic designer Ben Johnson by L’MAD! L’MAD is a South African fashion brand focusing on local artists and designers. Sadly they are only stocked in South Africa and Austria…but now you know where to look 😉

PS – More pretty and sublime from South Africa.

Photo Credit: L’Mad Collection



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C / Monday with Lena


Photo by Autumn Wilde via Instagram

Hooray! It’s Monday, and we have finally reunited after 3 weeks apart! Tiff is back from India, full of life and lists and curry. Cait is slowly coming out of the deep, dark, angry jet-lag cave and is ready to interact with humans again. We have lots to catch up on from the past few weeks, but we’ll get to that tomorrow.

This morning we watched one of our (imaginary) best lady friends be awesome on YouTube. Lena Dunham, of Girls fame and other well-known-and-totally-fantastic-woman-ness, has released a number of short advice videos on YouTube. She talks candidly about everything from body issues to writing and how to avoid letting bad people in your pants.

Her first book, Not That Kind of Girl, comes out this week. If her advice videos are any indication of the quality of the writing, sign us up.

Until you buy the book/download the book/borrow the book/steal the book (please don’t steal), this piece from an obscure little publication should hold you over.

Respect, young Lena, you are killing it.

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T / happy monday!

97f7ca7ae365525cd994245191d7b147Photo via Getty Images

This week’s good morning is inspired by surfers. They be so darn cool. Here are two beautiful videos and a little doco about surfers in far flung places, living rich sun soaked lives, and telling their stories.

Living the sweet life.

BELLA VITA FILM from Bella Vita Film on Vimeo.

Doing awesome things for the good the community. Which you can read more about here.

And since Tiff’s in India’s own wave country, here’s a short doco all about how a surf wala scene got stirred up in southern India.