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T / happy (sort of) monday / like a double shot latte

Photo Credit: Leah Reena Goren

It’s still Monday somewhere right?  Because this whole “trying to get everything done before you go on a long ass trip” thing is maddening.  I am desperately trying not to get distracted (example: watching all two seasons of Insecure in one week).  But of course I am.  Always.  There is no other way.

So I thought I’d share some more distractions.  There are more than a few illustrators out there that I adore and who’s Instagram feeds I probably pay a little too much attention to. But really, their honesty, drive and inspiration are generally the things that keep me afloat.  It also turns out that all their wisdom are being turned into tiny compact readable things this fall.  Of course I’m buying multiples of all of them (because sharing is caring).

Artwork Credit: Adam J Kurtz for Design Sponge (here and here)

Adam J Kurtz isn’t an illustrator (it’s technically calligraphy I guess). But I almost consider him to be one because his dance with words is just so perfect.  He’s not even 30 yet and Things Are What You Make of Them: Life Advice for Creatives is his third publication.  The name says it all.  It falls into my own mantras and the person I hope I’m trying to be.  But he makes it so much more amusing.  You can basically hear his voice (Instastories!!!!) through ever single word.  Furthermore: at under $10, it’s much cheaper than therapy.

Lisa Congdon is probably the oldest and most established of the illustrators I follow.  So naturally she’d write a book about getting older.  My appreciation knows no bounds for this as I just read this article and it’s freaking me out about the impending middle years.  And at this point, I am going to take all the advice I can get.  I can’t wait to see all the beautiful things her hands have made inside.

Photo Credit: Leah Reena Goren

This one isn’t out yet.  In fact, illustrator Leah Reena Goren literally just announced it.  But I’m really excited about it because it’s probably the book I need right about now.  It’s not coming out until May 2018, but in the meantime, check out Ladies Drawing Night and Besties.

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Tiff is getting ready for her trip out West, and Cait is trying to find a way see her. Cait feels like she deserves a helicopter on call for free, but no one seems to be buying it. For both of us, it’s the silence before the storm right now. It’s about to get REAL BUSY UP IN HERE, and while that’s exciting, and visitors are awesome, we are packing our emotional go-bags and stocking up on water. I don’t totally know what that means, but you’ll be fine.

Check out Jane Fonda and Helen Mirren killing it at PFW.

I saw this lady in concert last week and she blew my damn mind. Listen.

I still cannot get over how dapper our new party leader in Canada is.

I am really, sincerely happy for her. And jealous.

Really want to work here.  (And congrats to Katie on her first exhibition!)


I really do think those “influencers” need to get on the politicking.

Finding all kinds of inspiration in this art.

I’m doing the same thing. Except it doesn’t really include anything designer.

Ok, this came out. I had hear it was coming out, it’s a big fucking deal, and it’s certainly not a surprise after living in LA for 20 minutes. I have opinions on a lot of it, but I keep coming back to the woman that wrote the memo, that didn’t ask for her life to be set on fire right now, and couldn’t comment in the piece, due to legal restrictions in her settlement. Sending her love, and sending love to all the women that don’t feel like they can come forward.

Photo via A Well Traveled Woman

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C / Full of Surprises


We are currently living in a world where Bethenny Frankel is doing visibly more to support the relief efforts in Puerto Rico, than 45 is. A reality star, known for her Skinnygirl product line, and for trashing Ramona, like, hard on Real Housewives of New York City, (it’s fine, Ramona deserves it, she’s honestly batshit crazy), wasn’t the person I would have expected to step up and charter 4 planes full of supplies to bring to Puerto Rico. But I love surprises, and this is impressive to me.

I think people get stuck in the stages of HOW to help when it comes to something like this, and there is contradictory information on who is doing the best work, and where the money is going. Fatigue is reasonable, because it feels like there is constantly something horrible to help out with, honestly because there is. Feel that, for like an hour, and then do something. The most productive thing you can do, if you can’t dedicate your time to the effort, is donate money. Here is a good list.

Call your local government and remind them that climate change is a real thing and that someone with a legitimate scientific background should probably be in charge of the EPA.


I started writing this piece over the weekend, before the shootings in Las Vegas. I don’t have any unique thoughts about it, only that it’s insane that this is still happening, and the current administration is refusing to do anything about gun control, or even talk about it. While you are on the phone with your representative to talk about the EPA, also let them know how you feel about gun control. Learn about Everytown, donate if you can. This isn’t something that is out of our control. No more guns. No more guns. No more guns.

Trevor Noah said it well yesterday,

“I can’t give you thoughts and prayers. I can only say that I am sorry that we live in a world where there are people who will put a gun before your lives.

Please be extra kind, extra gentle, extra welcoming, and extra understanding of the humans around you. Connection and empathy are desperately important always, and damn near vital right now.


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T / happy monday / creeping on dorsu’s new line

There is pretty much only one brand I turn to when I think of sustainable and ethical basics that are also affordable and look amazing.  Ask any girl in Phnom Penh and they’ll have one, two or perhaps even an entire wardrobe filled with these black, grey, striped tees, tanks, T-shirts, shirt dresses.  The whole kit and kaboodle.  And did I mention that the entire biz is packed with amazing ladies committed to upcycling all that remnant fabric waste that gets chucked out of Cambodia’s garment factories on a regular basis?  So yeah, that.

I’ve admired Dorsu from afar for ages.  And with this blog handy, Cait and I quickly became pals with co-founder Hanna Guy.  She’s a freaking awesome lady who hails from gorgeous Australia and, together with co-founder Kunthear Mov, is committed to producing clothing that you’ll actually wear everyday and everywhere, in a workshop that pays everyone ethically, and is constantly pushing the edge of what can be done in sustainable and ethical fashion.  They’re the kind of pieces that you’ll tell your friends that the very jersey or French terry you’re wearing was once considered waste (you can read more about that here).   There’s so much of it that Hanna and her team can produce entire collections that you can purchase both in Cambodia at their store in Kampot or at retailers in Phnom Penh, or online, where they’ll ship basically anywhere.

This year Hanna got together a Dorsu crew to add some ideas to the collection.  This means the classics are still around, but there are some amazing new pieces added in their Core Collection and Classic Capsule wardrobe.  More items that you can transition from office to night to weekend  She’s been teasing about this for ages.  And this past Friday, these new pieces were released, and the interwebs is going nuts.

In August, I got a sneak peak at the line (and colours! check out that millennial pink), when Hanna invited me to shoot some behind the scenes photos.  This also meant I got to shadow the uber talented Rita McNeill, Hanna’s pal and awesome lady behind the lens for all the official Dorsu shots, and watch the styling feats of Dorsu’s sales and marketing guru, Ellen Tirant.  Creeping on their creative process was exactly what I was doing.  I walked away with a bunch of shots and my eye on some periwinkle items. 

I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a weekend.  And I’ve been trying (and failing) to plan a trip to Kampot for ages.  I just want to hang out with these amazing ladies again and learn all the things from them (yes this means a future interview of course).

All photos by Tiffany Tsang. Please request permission for use.  Cait+Tiff are not liable for that spending spree.

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T / how to get the shakes in chiang mai

There are only two things in Chiang Mai.  Maybe three.  Mostly just two.  This post only focuses on one.

When I arrived in Chiang Mai, I felt like I had been adequately prepared to have myself some good coffee (thank you coffee Yoda!).  And I was with some people who wanted good coffee.  Because there is nothing worse than to be with people who are not willing to have more than three cups of coffee within a 24 hour period when all you want to do is drink coffee.  Because it is literally all around you.  You can drive 100km up a mountain through a national park and still find a decent latte from an Italian machine.  And if Ponganes Coffee Roasters turns out to out to be closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, that’s totally cool.  Akha Ama is just a hop and a skip away.  What about brunch? Well, Overstand, The Larder and Rustic & Blue make food their primary objective, but their lattes are still above the norm of what you’d get back home.  Also: see chicken and waffles.  So thanks to the massive list that blogger to the north, Alana, put together, I thought I’d leave you the top three ways you could have your coffee.

Sriracha Maple Syrup Chicken Waffles at Rustic & Blue.

Stay at an Airbnb in Chiang Mai.  For only one reason: you don’t get screwed by a hotel breakfast. Wake up and immediately leave the premises. Don’t be confined to very restrictive breakfast hours.  Walk around any corner and you’ll probably find a really good. Like a latte that’s shares a table with Sriracha Maple Syrup Chicken Waffles at Rustic & Blue, Or The Larder’s Chorizo Breakfast Hot Dog if you’re in the Nimman Haeminda neighbourhood.  Or the damn good breakfast pizza at Overstand in the Old City.  The list is literally endless.

So many delicious, coffee-adjacent cuppas at Graph Table and Graph Cafe.

So many points for innovation, going outside boundaries and being a little nuts here.  Sometimes it’s a little showy (yes, we get you won world’s best latte art), other times you’re thinking “how the heck did you get there?”  And sometimes your coffee winds up tasting like a Christmas chocolate orange.  Whether it’s fancy lattes with equally fancy names at Ristr8tto, or charcoal-laced concoctions at Graph Café and Graph Table, you’re going for something a little outside of the box.

So many coffee adjacent creative things at Graph Table and Graph Cafe.

Really get to know who’s growing your coffee at Akha Ama.

When more than one friend asks you to bring back coffee from Akha Ama, you get yourself a piccolo latte and their signature orange-infused Manee Mana cold brew concoction. The coffee served here is literally single sourced, when families from the Akha tribe in a northern town in Thailand cut out the middle man and began to not only produce, but process the beans themselves, all in a sustainable and ecologically free way (read: reduced use of chemicals).  Inside the cafe, they’re equally proud of what they’re making.  Baristas are coffee nerds to the highest degree. 

All photos by Tiffany Tsang.  Please request permission for use.  Cait+Tiff are not liable for the shakes.

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Photo Credit: Carmen D’Apollonio (via Miss Moss)

This week Tiff is playing catch up with everything and chasing all the new hot denim that she will never actually wear in the tropics. Cait is getting ready to go to Nashville tomorrow, where she will be wearing denim head to toe. Please tell her what to do and eat. Also, she went to the Solange concert on Sunday and is NOT over it, seriously, she will not stop talking about it. So annoying.

Rhiannon went to Lisbon and loved all the colours.

Cait went to the Solange concert, did you hear?

Currently debating: could I make this a regular thing?

I love the Ace Hotel in DTLA, I got to celebrate a WHOLE YEAR in LA last night.

His voice is totally “soaked in maple syrup.”

I will be using this as a loose Bible for the weekend.

Always looking for biz-lady advice.

It is crazy to me that this is still happening. Your skin is exactly the color its supposed to be.

All the nuances on the amazing lighting on black skin on Insecure.

I don’t know what to do with new Lanvin. I miss Albert Elbaz.


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C/ Hold up.


Wait wait wait, back up. Everyone stop. We didn’t celebrate Tiff’s birthday.

Our beloved Tiff had a birthday over the weekend, so if you see her, let her know that that the “Birthday Week” rules still apply, and that she should keep celebrating. Time zones are confusing, and everything I have learned from jet lag tells me that they are endless, so it’s still your birthday somewhere, Tiff.

Now, if you don’t know Tiff personally, you might not know some of the best things about her. I mean, you can gather a lot of the good stuff from reading the blog. She’s funny, super into art and fonts (her favorite is comic sans, be sure to use that in any correspondence with her), she loves fashion, design of any kind, and makes the best play lists. These are all amazing things, but the best stuff isn’t public facing.

Tiff is one of the most considerate and thoughtful people I have ever met, and this past year, with my life full of hectic and constant change, she has stepped up from a million miles away to be there for me. When it would have been easy to feel forgotten after moving away, she made sure that I still felt love and connection. She is also the great sharer of all time. Wether it be food, art, music, or honestly probably food, she makes sure that everyone is invited, and always has the best recommendations on where to go to make your belly and heart happy. Her enthusiasm for all of those things is contagious, and she makes any room more fun to be in.

So, people in the Penh, if you are lucky enough to know our girl, give her a hug for me, and then send her to the states.

Tiff, I love you! I hope your birthday was at least a third as special as you are. xx

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T / happy monday /

Photo Credit: Lucie Rie.

Sorry for the inconsistent posts, guys.  Apparently, I really liked being on vacation.  And that 13 course meal.  So in addition to getting back to it, doing all the burpees (see: 13 course meal) and shooting all the things like brand spanking new babies.  Which (so weird), is what I haven’t really been doing for the past month.  The break was nice.  I missed my cammy cam.  So I’m back at it and looking for all the inspiration.

Thank goodness for the guys at The Creator Class.  I’m so visiting when I’m back in Toronto.  I’m in search of doing some new things.  Hopefully they’ll show up on le blog soon.  In the meantime, at least I can be aspirational. Zahra Saleki is amazing.  She’s an Iranian-Canadian photographer who actually makes real all those visions she has in your mind.  Something actually I need to start doing. I hope this gives us all some hope and drive to create.  

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Out of Office-ish

chaing mai

Hi guys. Tiffany is in Chaing Mai this week, eating everything that Cait would like to be eating, and apparently going hog wild in fabric stalls in the markets. Cait is having a hard time containing her jealousy while typing in third person.

While Tiff is traveling, I am trying to keep up blog stuff, and I am not always great at it. You may have noticed in the past few months, we have taken something of a summer break from the blog. It might just be an excuse to be lazy, but we both genuinely want to keep the content on this thing valuable, and not just content for the sake of it. If we are particularly uninspired, we choose not to publish anything, because the blog is a reflection of things we are passionate about, and not of things we feel obligated to do.

So forgive the gaps in our timeline, and if you need a little more C+T in your life, follow along on our Instagram pages, @caitandtiff, @tiff.tsang, @infinitiff, and @caitdeck. Tiff is better at posting all the pretty things, which is lucky for you, because you don’t really want photos of me in sweaty pilates clothes and my sad attempts at healthy eating. Literally no one cares about my fitness journey.

Have a great Wednesday x

And the photo is by Tiffany Tsang, of course.

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Photo Credit: Bri Hammond.

Hi team, hope your week is going well. Tiff is getting all the things done so she can get the heck out of dodge. Cait has turned her apartment into what is either a giant mood board, or a colorful attempt at solving a conspiracy theory. Not totally sure which one it is yet.

Basically me at NYFW.  If I ever wound up there.

This comes out this weekend in the US, and I am going to sit around with some tissues and do it.

My future life in Munich, right?

This whole show.

I am an It-superfan.  Therefore this.

I am NOT an It superfan, or even a fan of any kind. Therefore, this.

Anti-social extrovert.  My social life in three words.

All the colors, all in one place.

Such great words for the identity politics debate.

After a week of eating everything in sight, I just want simple, delicious food like this.