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C / brain reboot

old ass tree

People often put “older” and “wiser” in the same sentence. I am no longer convinced of the inevitable correlation of those two things.

I am not sure what it was about the last year, but I have found myself feeling far from wise, and more unsure of things that I used to understand. This isn’t actually a piece on growing and changing, I honestly don’t feel like I have the words for that right now. This is about being 34 and feeling like I am not getting any smarter. I feel like I need school, I need to learn things again, and reboot my brain.

I actually got jealous of my computer this afternoon when it was working really slowly. I turned it off, waited a minute, and turned it back on. After that, it was just fine. My brain needs that feeling. Does anyone else forget completely common words all the time? Or is that just me. I feel like Ariel, but without the voice, the mermaid thing, and upsetting the gender normativity.

So, I am doing a few things this week to fight the impending dumb. (See what I did there?) I am reading a whole book by Friday, taking a class online, going to a museum, and starting yoga again. I will report back on Friday and be totally honest about my brain work this week. If nothing works, it’s all downhill from here.

Image via Parks



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T / happy monday / i’m a vulture

Photo Credit: ME! (in kenya 2015)

I was about to board a plane to Siem Reap last Friday (more on that later this week!) when Cait called me with the news.  She’s a wombat.  And a few seconds later, we discovered I’m a vulture.  I would like to add at this point that I’ve decided I’m not a wrinkly turkey faced vulture. I’m Canadian and prefer a good coat.  Aesthetics aside, Cait is right, YOU SHOULD ABSOLUTELY DO THIS, IT IS TOTALLY ACCURATE.

Except I have not read all of the romantic books.  I have not read ANY of them.  But thank you very much, I am an opportunist (that seat at the bar is MINE).  To the point that I might go a little Tracy Flick.  I’m also extremely happy to know that Phil Hartmann lives in my fellow soul zoo.  Yeah, I just called it that because it sounds great and weird.  So yes, please do this

Anyways, flash forward to Monday and I’m a bit of a hot mess of missed posts, a sore throat, burst pipes and flooded kitchens, and a variety of other things we decided that need to get fixed in the house, stat.  And I’m eternally grateful to Erin for this post she shared last week.

At least I can dream about Bangkok.  Favourite of Asian cities.  I see you in three weeks.  Okay, end of jumbled messy head, not vulture-like at all post.  Here’s a gorgeous video about Bangkok.  You should visit.  It’s delicious.  And on that note, here’s a gorgeous little video from the guys at NOWNESS. Michélin starred French chef meets.  Bangkok.  Graphic love making ensues.

Happy Monday and I hope you don’t have any summer time sniffles.

Chef Bertrand Grébaut in “Paris to Bangkok” by Jérôme de Gerlache – NOWNESS from NOWNESS on Vimeo.

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C / I’m a Wombat


Guys, this is really exciting. I am in New York right now and I have amazing news…I am a wombat! Isn’t that great? Let me explain.

I met up with my cousin yesterday, one of my favorite people in the world, and he told me about Primal Zodiac signs. (If you think astrology stuff is garbage, stop reading. I don’t know if it is or not, and I don’t even know if it’s my business, but I think it’s interesting.) Your Primal Zodiac is a combination of Western Zodiac and Eastern Zodiac signs, so in my case, I am Taurus, and I was born in the Year of the Boar.

In Primal Zodiac math, that makes me a WOMBAT. I love wombats.

Now, I am not going to make you read my wombat zodiac, but I definitely thought about it. According to the internet, which never lies, I am

  • Strong, determined, sensitive, and stubborn. (check)
  • Can be a reclusive weirdo until the wombat feels comfortable with her people.
  • Once the wombat is comfortable, wombat will not stop talking. To everyone.
  • Smarter, stronger, and more agile that people think
  • Also, and this is a direct quote “This sign can be painfully over-indulgent and procrastinating to the point that others wonder how it is they get by day to day.” (um, check)
  • When the wombat does stop watching Netflix, the wombat cannot be stopped.
  • Wombats like cosy, familiar places, and like nice things (check)
  • Wombats like wine, and “they do like to indulge in worldly pleasures a bit too much.” (This is kind of a judgy website, jeez.)
  • Hosting parties is their wombat jam, and they don’t really like the club. Wombats don’t like crowds.

I won’t go into the love stuff too much but a few important things:

  • Wombats are great friends, love giving advice and like small groups
  • Wombats are cautious, but when they commit, they commit.
  • Should trust be betrayed “expect to see the rare but legendary rage from this quiet but powerful sign.” Wombat Khaleesi up in here.


Lastly, career things, which I really like reading about right now.

  • Even though they can be shy, wombats put on a good show, and love storytelling
  • Wombats love creative self-expression and the arts (check)
  • Wombats are LAZY (check) and need inspiration and drive of they will just eat ice cream off their bellies all day and watch Brooklyn 99 in their underwear (I’m paraphrasing.)


I know how silly it is that I just wrote out my zodiac stuff on this blog, I know that. But I have never read anything that sounded more like my best friend describing me. I am making Tiff do this too, and I want you guys to look and see if your description works for you, too. Do it here, click. Do it, and tell me what you think.

Your favorite wombat.


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Photo Credit: Oamul Lu via Miss Moss

Tiff is planning trips again!!! And Cait is really trying to get on that itinerary. Happy Thursday, this humpjump is brought to you late due to jet lag and cocktails. It’s still roughly the middle of the week, so that counts as a hump. Anyway, we hope it’s all going well for you, and that you can find an air conditioner to hide behind like we have. Things are REAL sweaty right now, and the Americas-dwelling part of this team is being reacquainted with humidity, and is decidedly against it.

I’m so excited to get my hands on one of these guys for my guys.

One of my favorite sustainable denim companies is now making t-shirts! 

Yes I am a fan of this magazine.  Does this make me an elitist nutjob?

Yes, Tiff, it does. But you already were. 🙂

Kimono LOVE. I want all, especially this one.

The desert! Still obsessed.  Love these shots.

Check this gorgeous biz from New York-based designer, Marina Cortbawi, of Merlette.

Great shots and great words from a new fave German fashion blogger.

I keep looking at this, and it keeps making me laugh.

Always on the hunt for new cool brands.


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C/ Big Business

big business.jpg

This post is late, and it’s not even my day, but here I am, two cocktails in with three hours of sleep in not-my-apartment in New York, typing away. What could go wrong?

Honestly nothing, stop reading if you think I am going to tipsy-manifesto all over this blog, I do that in text messages, like I normal person. I am here to talk about one of the most important things in life, Bette Midler. Yeah, Bette Midler.

I watched Big Business over the weekend, and am deeply ashamed that it was my first viewing. However, I was thrilled that I got to watch it with the badass ladies of Boxcar Muse, and eat pizza off of my tummy while yelling “werk” at the screen. This movie is amazing, and 1988 was a SOLID year for fashion. I am a little disappointed my 5 year old self didn’t get more matchy suit skirt things. The thing that struck me the most, was how awesome it was to watch Lily Tomlin and Bette of my Dreams play two characters each, be hilarious and smart and diverse in all of them, and that the movie had nothing to do with  romantic relationship. Yes, there are love interests, but they are honestly in the movie as side pieces.

Watch this movie, and then write me and tell me what your favorite hat of Bette’s is, because I CAN’T DECIDE WHAT MY FAVORITE IS.


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T / departures (other people’s)

Artwork Credit: J. Emslie

Yay we’re back!  Life is pathetic fallacy right now.  Because in addition to the monsoon come the summer time goodbyes in this city and all the related feels.  The last of which happened to me last week.  Which is probably why I got zapped of all inspiration for a little bit.  So I had to write this small meditation to get it over with.  Obviously. 

This life is goodbyes.  Or as I would prefer to refer to them, “see you soons.”  Over the past few weeks, I’ve said these words to not just one but three sets of friends.  Important friends.  The kind of friends that are like the super comfortable favourite pillows on your bed.  Sorry, was that a creepy way of describing friendship?

At the same time, I’m still on the heels of coming back from California, where I saw more than a few sets of friends that I allegedly said goodbye to over the past few years.   And guess what?  It was like we were picking up from where we left off.  Except maybe we had some more money this time around (yeeeah 30s).  I should also mention that I’m not the best at keeping in touch.  Years of poor connectivity and dropped Skype calls have more or less killed my enthusiasm for overseas phone calls.  However, I am amenable to a long form email.  And I hear that the Internet of things works a heck of ton better now.

The other fun thing about this nomadic community we’re a part of is the awkward friendship starter.  I love Kate’s words on the topic.  Because isn’t that what summer is all about?  All these new people landing?  And everyone else you sort of know, have seen around, would like to get to know better?  Looking back on some of my closest friendships I’ve made since leaving Canada, they’ve always been in the most inopportune of places.  Being drenched in a monsoon in an outdoor group work out.  In a deep dark club because we’re both Asian and should be friends.  The infamous roll of Hello Kitty duct tape and the ensuing noodles!  And sweating together.  Always sweating together.  There’s nothing more bonding than that.

And the goodbyes won’t stop.  Ever.  I’m already preparing the the spate of them that will happen in 2018.  And I’ll depart this gorgeous piece of land at some point too.  So I was trying to find something to capture that. But let’s face it, everything would be drag.  So let’s watch these pretty pictures instead.  Because it’s not goodbye.  It just means the next time I see you, it’ll be a different way of coffee (which will probably cost way more than $2.50), bread instead of noodles, and taxis instead of tuk tuks.  Let’s celebrate that.

Paris – NewYork from MRfrukta on Vimeo.

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T / who i’m wearing

Photo Credit: @kellysnapshappy

Oooh.  That blog post title sounds a little too Silence of the Lambs, doesn’t it?  But it’s a skin that fits.  Okay, enough of the murder-y puns.  Let’s get to it.  Instagram has pretty much influenced everything I’ve put on my body.  And then backed up by huge drives down the blog roll rabbit hole.  Power of social media, right?  But seriously, I can trace the inspiration to the handle.  Haircut (@streicherhair), romper (@denisebovee), face (@glossier), sandals (@courtneyadamo).  All somehow screenshot (even from Instastories) followed by an attempt at imitation.  That’s how trends happen, n’est pas?

So I thought I’d share some faves.  These ladies and brands are definitely not your typical unreachable fashion blogger that’s sponsored by Céline and has a million followers that probably originated from a click farm in India.  These guys are all homegrown.  They’re also professionals.   What they wear is accessible.  And they come from every corner of the world, so you get a glimpse of what’s going on over there.

Photo Credit: Ashley Streicher

@streicherhair, aka Ashley Streicher of the STRIIIKE salon in LA, is the source of my romper fixation.  (I’ve got 10 now).  She also has the best hair (and makes the best hair), the funnest life as a sought after hair stylist and it’s a family business.  Aspirational envy? Yes.

Photo Credit: Lee Vosburgh

@leevosburgh (aka StyleBee) is a homechick from my side of the border!  She’s also an incredibly talented designer and pusher of responsible fashion.  I dig all of that.  She’s really into the capsule wardrobe so every single one of her posts reflects that.  Also, that wardrobe!

Photo Credit: Samantha Wong

@samishome…another Canuck, but Samantha Wong is based in our shared homeland of Hong Kong.  She’s a prop stylist (so check out those flatlays!), but the clothes she wears shows the same due diligence.  Also, you get to see all the cool things and delicious eats that the tiny special administrative region with the divisive politics is all about.

Photo Credit: Siki Msuseni

@sikimsuseni hails from South Africa.  She’s also still in school while working as a stylist and thrift lover who really shows off what’s going on in fashion in Capetown.  The combination of the prep and the pattern is my fave.  But she does dabble in the minimal while showing off her city pride.


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Photo Credit: Lynn Goldsmith

Good morning, team. Tiff is trying to avoid the rain this week and Cait is up and at it EARLY today, because she lives in a neighborhood that wanted to play with fireworks until like 7am, so sleeping was a lost effort. But you know, AMERICA. Hope this week is going well for you, it’s easy to get distracted from work stuff in the summer, so here are more things to do that to your day.

Craving good Chinese food!

Oh no. Self Portrait is having a sale. Bye, money.

Obviously, the Chinese food craving is deep because here’s more dumplings and noodles.

Well, these are amazing.

Looking to diversify your travel blogger rabbit hole dive?

Helpful professional things.

How to do Berlin, and what to where while doing it.

This is interesting, if you are interested in love stuff.

Should have made Soviet bus stops a must-see while I was in Russia last year.

GOOD. I’m glad they quit, get your shit together, CBS. You’re not FOX.

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C / Happy 4th of July!

yay usa

Image via FunCheap

I can’t remember the last time I was in the US for the 4th of July. I spent too much time thinking about this all afternoon, but basically it has been a while, eight years-ish. I am excited to be back, in a place that is starting to feel like home. I am closer to my family, I am doing work that I like, and my access to potable water and tacos has gone WAY up. It’s also a home with a helluva lot of issues, with an intensely problematic narcissist at the helm, and deeply rooted inequalities across all realms, but it’s home.

Without diving into a tornado of political head-banging-against-the-table (which I am tempted to do and is honestly almost too easy at this point) I hope you all have a safe and happy Independence Day. It’s a messy place, full of all kinds of people, from all kinds of places, and I am going to Echo Park to watch the fireworks and eat tamales to celebrate. Try not to blow off your fingers tonight.