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Artwork Credit: Warren King via HonestlyWTF

This week, Tiff is making bookings for that big trip in April! Cait is just staring at the clock and waiting for time to pass and Tiff gets here. Hope you guys are having a wonderful week!

The first three months of 2017 have been a sprint for me.  So I’m investing in this.

I’m excited for this! I love Brie Larson.

Now that I have a desk job…this.

I used to laugh at horoscopes, but then I read my life as it is happening here. I am also freaked out that someone is watching me. Almost too spot on.

Hey Cait – let’s make a trip like this happen sometime!

Ok, Tiff!

This classic makes me cry.  Probably even harder in this day and age.

Lamé tuxedo. Lamé tuxedo. 

It’s 50°C here now.  But all I want his some hygge loungewear.



C / two things I learned yesterday

I have been taking meditation classes for the past few months. It’s been helpful to have a class every week that helps me be less of a spaz while I am going through a bunch of transitions in life. (Note: transitions take a damn long time.) I am taking a mindfulness series at The Den, which is a little haven of beautiful things and nice people, right near Mood fabrics on LaBrea. The class is taught by Heather Prete, who is the kind of wonderful that people pretend to be. If she started a cult, I would be first in line to drink the Koolaid.

Anyway, the classes are wonderful, and though I rarely feel like I am “doing it right” I am loving it, and the practice has brought a lot of good stuff into my bouncy brain. We just started a new series last night, and the class focus was on equanimity.

I am going to be honest here, I didn’t really know what equanimity was until last night. It’s basically the ability to keep a balanced state of mind, despite the conditions around you. You are able to accept what is, but not in a way that you ignore it, or avoid it. You can still have a discerning mind, and have opinions on the issue at hand, but you keep it together. It’s the ability to accept the situation without adding more layers of stress to it. This definition is clearly from my class notes.

This is kind of a hard one for me, because I love to judge my judgements, and I pile all kinds of stuff on top of seemingly simple issues. It’s my favorite. During the class, Heather said something that really works for me.

“Everything is perfect, just as it is, and it could use a lot of improvement.”

This was said by someone, whose name I forgot to write down.
I constantly feel like I am behind on my life. Switching careers in your 30’s is not a great way to feel “caught up.” When I think about it, and I am feeling rational, I know that there is nothing to catch up on, and there is no place that I am “supposed” to be. When I am NOT feeling logical, I compare myself to others, feel like I have wasted my life making other people happy and now I am looking for work at 33 and everyone else is like 5 and went to art school and is better than me and they have a thigh gap and I maybe this haircut wasn’t the best idea and how the hell do you write a cover letter and this is what a spiral looks like. Ta-da!
I like this quote because its a linear way of resetting my brain, that I am where I am supposed to be, that I am not running late on my life, that I’m not doing it wrong.
The other thing that was said that really stuck with me was this:

“When we lose our equanimity and become deregulated, it means something needs attention.”
Heather said this, and it’s basically a way of saying “THANK YOU,  FOR THE POWER TO LOSE MY SHIT.” That’s how I took it, at least. When we become deregulated and feel overwhelmed, it’s our brain poking us in the face and saying “Hey, dummy. Stop it, I don’t like that.” Then your balanced, chill brain can be like “Oh hi, spaz brain, I see you there. I smell what you are stepping in, and I am going to take care of it.” So while I can try to stay equanimous (new word, 5 points!), listening to how you feel is also super important and your emotions are sort of a warning system for physical or emotional danger.
I am not totally sure if that all made sense or not, but it was super helpful to me.
Love, California Cait, who has totally buried herself in every cliché and is going to do pilates and drink green juice now. Maybe yoga later, who knows?

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T / happy monday / hot thoughts

Photo Credit: Feist.

Some really good albums from a couple of my all time favourite bands came out over the past month.  And I got to spend a lot of time in a car with them this past weekend.  These bands were the soundtrack to my late teens and early 20s and are so telling about my early millennial status.  I discovered Spoon while watching The OC.  Then I found The Shins when I fell in love with Zach Braff and his Garden State.  I met Dirty Projectors when I moved to Cambodia and met all the young things from Brooklyn.  And the story of Tennis fell into my lap while I was living the hipster wannabe story in London.  Don’t you love it when music comes with a time and a place?  True story: I catalog all of my music by the month and year it came into my life.  There is indeed a soundtrack to my life.  Not joking.  I might actually be John Cusack from High Fidelity in the multiverse.  Or Kevin Smith.

Oh right, Feist is coming out with her new album next month.  22 year old Tiff is going nuts.   Here are the faves from everything I am spinning this week!

Spoon – Hot Thoughts, from their album of the same name.

The Shins – Name for You, from Heartworms.

Dirty Projectors – Cool Your Heart (ft. Dawn) from their self-titled album.

Tennis – Ladies Don’t Play Guitars, from Yours, Conditionally.

Feist – Pleasure, from her forthcoming album of the same name.

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C / Super Productive Saturday


I read a lot of self-improvement stuff these days. I have talked about digging into meditation and all the work it takes to get out of my head and into my life, and it feels like I am maybe, possibly, getting there. Of course, it’s one thing to feel progress, and quite another to actually change your own behavior.

I had an exceptionally productive Saturday morning today, which I feel like is a sign of real change. I have written up a little guide to help you get out of your lazy morning rut, and I hope it helps!

First, and most importantly, don’t set an alarm. Let your body wake up at whatever time it needs, like the damn princess that you are. Make sure you lay in bed for at least 15 minutes before figuring out that you slept on the edge of your open computer for most of the night, leaving you with a very large imprint on your back and dreams of Andy Dwyer.

Get up chug the iced tea that your Friday self left in the fridge, guessing that your growing caffeine dependence might kick in hard. Mentally hug your Friday self and tear up, thinking about how considerate you can be.

Shuffle to closet and grab giant socks and a sweater. Put on the sweater and socks, tucking the top of the sweater into your underwear. This move is important, because we all know you aren’t going to wear pants for another few hours, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be put together.

While making your way back to the kitchen, glance at yourself in the mirror and see your hair, and take a moment to admire your current look. I like to think of what celebrity I look like the most, and this morning was like the lovechild of early days Jim Carey and puffy Tilda Swinton. Feel proud.

Once in the kitchen, make coffee and drink it over the sink while the next cup is brewing. This is the part of the morning when you realize that you had two glasses of wine last night and you are elbow deep in a hangover. Contemplate your own mortality, then have second cup of coffee.

Talk on the phone to childhood friend, and terrify her with your morning voice, which is somewhere between Fran Drescher and a literal cigarette. Feel good about never smoking cigarette, and very smug about your lung health. This is a ridiculous thing to feel smug about.

Put on Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” and dance like an idiot. Sweat more that you thought a three-minute song would inspire and name your favorite move.

Since you are already warmed up, consider attending the pilates class that is 70 feet away from your front door. Decide that you can’t get there in time and watch Instagram stories for 25 minutes instead.

Talk to your dad, say snarky things that you both think are funny. Feel great about living closer to your parents.

Realize that you didn’t do your blog post yesterday.

Decide you want to take a walk, because that is what healthy people do, and what the hell are you doing, sitting in your underwear and wasting your perfect lungs?

Crank out absurd piece to put on the internet, smile to self because this is so dumb.

The End!

For more tips on productivity and adult living, probably don’t read my posts, because this is clearly total garbage.



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T / how i’m eating 2017 / ARTillery’s magic menu

Hello Quinoa Rainbowl! Nice to meet you!.

This week, a red headed birdy sent me a bit of magic!  Jen, whom you previously have known as coffee Yoda and professor of beans, is also a doctor of menus!  (Could mother of dragons be next?)  Over the past few months, she’s been working with ARTillery Cafe in Phnom Penh to give their menu a facelift, and what a great job she’s done!

When it first arrived on the scene in 2012, ARTillery was pretty much the first restaurant in Cambodia to enter the realm of the healthy that went beyond salads.  All of a sudden, raw, paleo, and gluten free, were buzzwords that became part of the Phnom Penh lexicon.  I loved their menu!  And it was a go-to for healthy fresh salads and fun plates.  But like all good things, I overdosed on things.

This is where Jen comes in.  She’s all about flavour, and has a genetic lineage to the healthy, nutritious and delicious.  ARTillery’s new menu is still incredibly healthy.  But it got kicked in the nuts.  Kimchi quesadillas!  Fa-waffles!  Every single macro bowl you could imagine!  And the dish that made me go a little nuts: paleo Disco Fries!


So off to lunch I went today to deep dive into Jen’s garden of fun colourful things.  With a couple of fellow foodies, we went a little nuts.  Sadly not pictured are the Jump Start avocado, coffee, raw cacao and cashew milk smoothie I may or may not have devoured in one slurp.  Nor the Cachata (cousin of horcata of course), or Chunky Monkey (we were obviously in the mood for chocolate).  But I did get a snap of Jen’s amazing green fa-waffle with hummus and garlic tahini sauce (above).  It’s officially my new happy place.

I also learned that I couldn’t tell the difference between jackfruit and chicken today.  These tacos (below) were perfect.

Not your grandma’s tacos. These babies are jackfruit.

It’s healthy with a bit of a whimsy and magic.  Fully customizable bowls.  Protein, gut health, fermented things to your heart’s content.  I like the good things and the healthy things.  It’s exactly how I want to eat this year, and now that I’m desk-bound, my lunch hour just got a little more exciting.  I can’t wait to try that cauliflower bun.  If you’re in town, do wander down a certain brightly graffitied alley and give these guys a try.

All photos by Tiffany Tsang for cait+tiff. Please request permission for use.

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Artwork Credit: Itamar Freed via Miss Moss.

Hi team, hooray for Wednesday! You are halfway there! This week is feeling long on our end, but I suppose that happens when you never know what day it is. Tiff is deep in at least 5 billion photos to edit this week, which is honestly kind of impressive. Cait has been flying around more than she wants to recently, and happy to get on the last plane ride for a while tonight. She loves LA, almost as much as she loves typing in third person. Hope you have a wonderful week!

This hat for April!

I am in love.

Typography again! This time it’s the bloody weapon in the Oscar’s flub!

Walk like this into every room.

I’m (supposed to be) clean eating this month, and I can’t wait to make this!

I’m not eating clean this month, and just ate all of this.

Reasons why I spend at least $20 each week on coffee.

Hey, Tiff, we are going here. Get all that clean eating out of the way now.

This weekend, my closet. This way.  Thank you Marie Kondo.

I want dis.


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C / Wonder Woman


When I was in 7th grade, I went to Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm with the school band. Between pretending to practice my trumpet, and figuring out how much gummy candy and churros I could buy with my weekend stipend, I looked for cool key chains. I know, you are sitting there like “Cait, stop bragging about how cool you used to be!” Sorry, I don’t mean to look down on you so obviously.

Anyway, while I was there, I DID find a cool keychain that reminded me of my mom. She has always been one of the people in my life that can seemingly do anything, so I picked up the Wonder Woman keychain and brought it back to Tucson with me. I was super proud to give my mom a present, because when you are 12, it’s hard to be not poor, and cool moms deserve cool keychains.

Fast forward 20-ish years, and I am going to Disneyland next week, and watching the trailer for the Wonder Woman movie, and completely psyched for it. The movie looks stunning and empowering and feminist and all kinds of badass. I’m excited.

This all proves that nothing really changes, my mom is still awesome, I am still a band nerd on the inside, and this lady is getting ready to go nuts on churros. #deepthoughts

Cover photo


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T / happy monday / the hustle is real

Photo Credit: Create & Cultivate (another great resource for ladies who #werk)

How do I say this?  Life is busy.  I have battened down all the hatches. There is no chances of this ship sinking.  Deadlines are being reached, sort of.  I have clients now!  Which is something I would never have thought would happen if you asked me three years ago.  These are all obviously good things because, you know, #makingit.  But I can’t wait for a break (I’ve got a month left before I get one).  Being stuck at this desk job probably isn’t helping.  I’m also working on weekends.  To deal with it all, I’ve definitely been picking three.  Which means that some things have gotten voted off the island.  But call me a masochist, I don’t necessarily mind it.  Though I won’t say no to a Sunday morning off, either.

I’m not complaining, but the last few weeks have really made me realize the importance of flexibility.  How privileged I was to work as a freelancer for a whole three years that let me learn, practice and prepare for the gig I really wanted.  And likewise, the privilege of falling back on a really well paying job when I realized my bank account needed a boost.  I’m also starting to think about what I need to do to make it all happen, like boundaries, rules, and the power to say ‘no.’  While also being a good friend and partner all at the same time.  And how does being a woman fit into all of this?  These are the things when you’ve got a side hustle going.  And they’ve all been swirling around in my head lately.  Then International Women’s Day happened.  And naturally, I wanted to share some of the things that have kept me chugging along over the past few weeks and helping to get all those things done and living a well designed life.  Oh right, and these all come from ladies.

Photo Credit: Kate Arends.

Community is a wonderful thing.  I have the community in front of me.  The incredibly inspiring and wonderful women who exist in the real space and sweat, and the friendships who might be over a significantly large body of water.  These women all keep me afloat. And then there’s all the women who are letting their voices out on the web.  Kate Arends is one of these women and I’ve been really getting into all of her monthly themed and incredibly honest essays.  This month, it’s Women Who #Werk, and it couldn’t come at a better time.  And it’s all so real.  Definitely pay attention to her space if you’re needing some reads on it all.

Photo Credit: Jessica Murnane.

I’m being a heck ton better about everything I put into my body.  This past month, my pod-crush Jessica Murnane released One Part Plant.  Her podcasts have helped get me through things before, but now she has a cookbook that can help my insides work better. Lena Dunham even wrote the foreword.  After the holidays, my body had taken a literal beating.  I wasn’t feeling great.  Bloated was just the start of things.  Even though I was working out nearly every day of the week, I knew I needed to make changes beyond a single month of clean eating.  And I’m glad I made some new rules for myself: more home cooked meals.  More plants.  More good things.  And since then, I’ve never felt better.

GIF Credit: Libby VanderPloeg

Werk landed into my Inbox the other day.  Right after a conversation with a bunch of multi-hyphenate ladies as we were discussing all the things they do to make things happen.  And what gets left behind.  Ever wanted to know where the flexible jobs were? You know, the ones with the opportunity to work remotely? On your own time? So you could also do all the other things that were important to you?  They’re at Werk waiting for you.

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C / Wynwood color

tough girls

I am currently on a work trip to the Cayman Islands. That has nothing to do with this post, I just wanted to write it.

En route to this gorgeous tax haven, I stopped in Miami. I visited Miami a few times when I was in grad school in New York, and was looking a little too much like a Twilight extra. I would come down for a weekend, soak up sun, drink something out of a coconut, and then head back to the city. I never really explored enough, and I certainly never went to Wynwood.

Let me say first, that I also did not explore Miami on this recent trip. I walked around one small neighborhood for about 20 minutes, got a coffee, and then got on a flight to the Cayman Islands, for a work trip. Did I mention that I am in the Cayman Islands for a work trip yet? Anyway, my lovely tour guide, Megs, walked me around one of the most shockingly beautiful neighborhoods I have ever seen. Whole buildings are covered in patterns, and some of the warehouses are covered in straight up dreams.

Here are a few medium-ok photos I grabbed this morning that do the work absolutely no justice whatsoever. me b4 coffeequeenprettynessstripescolorzz

If you find yourself in Florida, 1. ask an adult for help, 2. try to vote, 3. go get coffee at Panther and cruise the neighborhood. I will be back there next week, when I return from my work trip in the Cayman Islands. It’s hard being such a grown up all the time.