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Photo Credit: Hello Lunch Lady

Happy Wednesday! Tiff needs all the soup this week, even though her snuffly voice is super adorable. Cait is in New York this week, taking down bagels like Godzilla in Tokyo, and pretending she is cultured. It helps if you go to a museum, find a painting that’s weird, stand back about 8 feet and stare while saying “interesting” to yourself. People will buy it. Have a great week!

I really want to make this.  Stat.

I am visiting some old favorites this week.

Zero-dollar days! Genius!

Mobiles have the same effect on me as they do on babies.

Ahhhhh I need to go to Porto.

I think this is the prettiest. 

Larry David’s daughter has a web series!

What to say to a grieving friend? It’s hard to know what people need, and I am grateful for this piece from Cup of Jo. 

So pretty. Want all of it.

I think I am a little hungover, because I feel like I could eat ALL OF THESE right now.


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