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linus lohoff - humpjump

Cait is currently on an airplane somewhere over Greenland on her 36 hour puddle jump to the states. Tiff is happily in Phnom Penh, probably well rested and having a latte (edit: at the time this was written Tiff was just out of a crossfit sesh, so as these words were typed, sore shoulders are being nursed). Today’s humpjump is brought to you by dreamy-awesome fashion, caffeine and the sort drunk-tired that comes with international travel (among other activities).

Pulling design inspiration from this New York Fashion Week list

This song is making me wiggle in my chair right now.

Jason Wu’s Spring 2015 collection is some serious business. Crushing especially hard on 15, 22, 25, 33,

Cushnie Et Ochs Resort 2015 is up and silly pretty. Too bad my brain is still full of their Fall 2014 Collection, which continues to rock my socks off. Cowboys hats with fancy stuff forever.

I thought I was pushing boundaries when I started mixing colours on my toes. Then Garance started mixing up things on her ears!  That rebel.

According to Vogue, my old stomping grounds in Toronto top Södermalm.  Secret silent Canadian victory dance.

More reasons why Kristen Wiig is so awesome (and yay to the updated SNL book! i love me some oral histories).

Sri Lankan food is the best.  Here is a breakdown of why and what.

It makes me really happy to read about other besties who decide to go into a biz together.

Photo by Linus Lohoff Photography.



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