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Photo Credit: Oleander + Palm

Photo Credit: Oleander + Palm

It’s Canada Day today, so Tiff’s gonna be peppering this humpjump with all of her national pride. And so is Cait, even though she is the most American person in the UK. Cait is settling into her London pad, learning the Underground map, and intentionally saying “cookies” instead of “biscuits.” Tiff is making friends with cool people like this, getting her hair braided today and somehow moving forward in life despite my absence. She also took a bunch of pictures a few weeks ago of our pretty friend, Lin, that I cannot wait to put on the internet. Anyway, back to Canada! Hooray for Canada! You are as polite as you are delicious and as hip and you are accidentally flannel.

Natural fabrics, Toronto design, and making it out there.  What’s not more to love in a new designer from the north?

Just south of the 49th, a British guy is nailing it. 

For Canucks abroad, it is all about understated patriotism today.  As in, I wore red and white to the gym this morning and I was the only one that noticed.

Reddit is good for a few things, but putting together this stack of gorgeous photos of Canada is at the top.

Peeps talk about Kinfolk, Cherry Bombe, and all those cool mags. But way before all those happened, there was  Uppercase that was percolating north of the 49th.

My favorite crime of all time was committed in Canada, and now they are making a movie about it! With Jason Segal! 

Are you exploring the north this summer? Check out Design*Sponge’s awesome guides for Canadian cities!

This Canadian runs a blog that makes me feel like I will never be cool. But she seems nice.

I am loving the Canadian tuxedo in a big way this summer.

And because it’s Canada Day, and I am pretty sure that means we are celebrating Canadians, here is one of my favorite photos of my favorite Canuk looking babealicious at a dress fitting.



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