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Photo Credit: The uber talented Nataly Lee

Photo Credit: The uber talented Nataly Lee

So in a decision made in very quickly (turnaround probably took about 6 hours), I am heading out of Cambodia and into somewhere very special for an entire month!  And I thought my nine weeks of wandering was over. Most of you already know where I’m headed, but for those who don’t, I will probably keep that a little secret until my departure on Thursday.  A hint – it’s a special place for Cait too!  But anyways, any time I have to leave Cambodia, and especially on the heels of somewhere I’ve never been, I like to reflect on how much time I’ve spent here, and how special Cambodia is.  This little video by Jan Trnka Productions captures so much of that tapestry of interwoven elements perfectly. Especially what I’ve seen outside of Phnom Penh, through rolling hills, emerging provincial towns and markets, where all the noises are music to my ears, and little villages miles off the main road where you could hear a pin drop.

And for the past few years, it’s always made me happy to come back to this.

THE CAMBODIA from Jan Trnka Productions on Vimeo.


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