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Photo Credit: Jenny Kim

This morning finds me having a quiet morning at Nairobi Garage.   I’m sitting in this wonderful co-working space, surrounded by upstarts from all over the East Africa region and beyond, soaking up all of the energy and excitement that comes from an environment that digital nomads thrive in.  And it’s this type of place that I was desperately in need of to find my quiet.  This city is basically an artichoke.  So many layers, often in the form of concrete walls and fences, needing to get peeled off.  And I barely scraped the surface this weekend.  There are so many stories that I am aching to tell.  But one week is not enough.  And I’ve decided to merely let the city show itself through the people I am meeting and the things I am doing.  I want to learn what this city’s own narrative is.  This itch is scratching itself basically.

So this Monday’s tiny collection of moving pictures doesn’t focus on a place, or a thing,tiffsig but a feeling. I stumbled upon this beautiful little Scandinavian piece that contains a bunch of things I adore: girls on skateboards, rolling mountains, and a bunch of forward movement.  Plus some pleasant Swedish indie tunes to go with it.  I hope it gives a nice scratch to get your day going.

Ishtar X Tussilago from Maceo Frost on Vimeo.


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