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Photo Credit: Thomas Jack

Photo Credit: Thomas Jack

And we’re back in the same city! We aren’t necessarily awake yet, well Cait certainly is not, and the transition from freezing Chicago to balmy Phnom Penh is a tough one, only softened by handfuls of candy corn before breakfast. Don’t you judge me, there’s a time change. Per usual, there is a lot going on this week, we are catching up with people and life and blog and blah blah you have heard this so many times. It’s always busy and we are always trying to tackle 9 different things all at once. We are both easily guilted into way too many social engagements and have a hard time saying no, yet we both really crave alone time. So this week will be a battle between hiding under the covers watching Amy Schumer reruns and feeling obligated to see EVERY SINGLE PERSON in Phnom Penh as soon as possible for coffee and catchups. Hoping to land somewhere in the middle. Also, this is the jet lag talking, and probably the candy corn.

From one of my favorite internet ladies comes her new book, Love X Style X Life. I can’t wait.

I work at home, so I CAN break out into dance like this.

Balmain x H&M, I sort of hate how much I like it.

These guys know where to get their goods from, so you can have them too.

SPFW looks like a helluva good time. I maintain that swimwear is not clothing, but Lenny Niemeyer has a compelling argument against me.

Inspo for the ampersand I made for John this week!

Go on with your crazy self, Florence. Most things are done better, dancing in a giant puddle.

Rory and Lorelei are coming back!!!!

Basically why I can’t order food over the phone.

Great words about what home is from Katie.  Also check out her iPhone wallpaper!



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