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I am having a helluva time getting words on pages today. Some days are like this, where I wake up and I feel like I have nothing to say. That’s the fun part, where I get in my head and feel like I am without an original thought to put out into the world. Super awesome spiral there. Some days just work better than others, because of planets, periods, people, or the fact that you can’t get Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage in Cambodia. Which is bullshit.

Now on a scale of 1-actually important, this is a 1. There are a million other issues that deserve more attention in the world that me not being able to get my shit together in the morning, but my brain can be kind of a selfish butthead. In maximum-butthead moments, I shake myself down and look all over for inspiration. Sometimes I just Google “inspiration” and laugh at all the cheesy crap online and feel better about my life, because that is not my job. One time, Google asked if I meant “thinspiration” and I was like “Never talk to me like that again, Google.”

This article, delicately titled “Fuck Inspiration” is great. It talks about tackling issues around the world in the right ways, and reminds me of how my dad talks about how to figure out what you care about. He and the author agree on a few things, but mostly the “get mad” part. The drive that comes from getting pissed off is one of the best super powers that we have, and often it’s the thing that I need to make important changes. For me, I won’t physically fight for something that I think is cool or fun, but I will wreck shop for something that makes me angry.

So that is what I have today, a few bad words, a little bit of snark, and a high five to my dad. There is a part of me that wants to wrap everything up nicely here, and say what really does inspire me. But I don’t feel like making pretty packages today.




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