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Artwork Credit: Blanca Goméz

Good morning! We are in different places this week, and it’s adventure time. Cait is in Kathmandu right now, and heading off to see a pashmina factory and swim through piles of fabric like Scrooge McDuck and that room full of money. Meanwhile in Phnom Penh, Tiff is receiving pictures of Cait’s buffalo momo dinner and it’s kicking Tiff’s butt to finish up all her deadlines so she can join Cait in only three days. But that feels like a long time.  Adventures await.

I can’t believe I only just found out about these fancy gummies.

So excited to hack my Snapchat this week with these little tips.  Check out our Nepal trip next week! (@infinitiff)

Prabal Gurung did a great little Nepal guide last year that I am using right now.

We are going to be textile hunting in Nepal for pretty things like these!  And this is how to do it at home!

These look delicious and easy, and now I’m a little bummed I can’t make them for breakfast in my hotel room.

Still thinking about your spring wardrobe?  Here’s a great little piece on sustainable fashion.

This art by Jorey Hurley (brought to us by Miss Moss) is charming and simple and lovely.

I had the best little shoot this week thanks to these mindfulness x photography tips from Katie!

These state-love prints are sweet.

Can’t make it to Nepal? Nashville is just as fabulous!


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