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Photo Credit: LIFE Magazine

Photo Credit: LIFE Magazine

Dear world.  You’re not doing great these days.  Like me, you’ve probably got a persistent and violent cough and a bunch of better things to do than spend the week in bed.  It sounds like you need a good song (and some menthylated eucalyptus).  Because good songs always light up the world.  They’ve done it before.  People wrap themselves around movements that come with a tune.  Like this one.

The past month has kinda sucked.  For me, the events were distal and I spent a lot of time expressing my angry and sad face on social media.  Then this past weekend, things got proximal.  I know when my mind and body go down, I need song.  The body politik probably needs it too.  This little acoustic jam sesh features the most recent collaboration between The Very Best, who hail from Malawi, by way of London, and Mumford & Sons.  I never imagined this pairing, actually.  But it does go down pretty swell.  They’re not a policy change, or a sweeping revolution that’s going to fix all the social issues.  But for a moment, I hope it brings a little hope for us all.



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