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Photo Credit: Andrea Posadas for Honestly WTF

Photo Credit: Andrea Posadas for Honestly WTF

And….we’re back!  The week off was necessary.  But it didn’t necessarily mean we were off (that’s next week for me).  So while Cait’s been settling down in LA, I’ve been settling some other things down.

Basically, it just means we’ve got stuff brewing.  We’re officially an international blog now!  I feel like there’s gonna be way more travel and pretty things come this way.

In the meantime, a stumbled upon this gorgeous little video that basically captures all the excitement of ignition when it comes to the stuff we’re both working on.  And a lady president.  And the general good feelings that persist even when seasonal colds threaten to bog me down (I will not let you get me down seasonal cold!).  This is also an Ikea promo made by some very talented peeps based in New York and Copenhagen – two of our favourite cities.  It’s the kind of “coming soon” type video I love.  So there.  Happy Monday, and I hope you’re all feeling the good vibes today.


IKEA x HAY — Ypperlig Collection (Teaser) from Kuhl & Solvstrom on Vimeo.


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