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For cait + tiff’s career week, we have collected a few gems on the internet regarding all things work. Our professional paths have led us out of the traditional 9-5, and we are constantly inspired by other people who have figured out how to manage similar work lives. Below are a few links on places, ideas and people that we find professionally inspiring. Enjoy!

Need to recreate the ambient noise of working in a cafe?  Check out Coffitivity!

All of these offices please.  Though I’m partial to this one because it comes with a fun video.

I admire anyone who takes the big leap into creative careers.  Refinery 29’s got a bunch of ladies who are sharing their stories on doing just that.

Or this lady who loved the beach and made a career about it.

It’s a tiny bit of a progress when it’s a dude who recommends you watch Sarah Silverman close the gap.

I love these water color business cards! This is happening when we get ours printed.

On working with friends! Hooray!

One of my goals for this blog is design collaboration with great companies. I love what Lizzie Mettler of Tomboy Style has done here and here and here.

I am easily distracted by shiny things, so getting focused on one point of inspiration is key. Park and Cube got Lost in Foliage, and its great.

How Jenny Slate said the F-word on air, and everyone was ok, and things got even better.

Photo Credit: Printed in LIFE: Century of Change: America in Pictures 1900-2000, Mary Tyler Moore 1970, CBS Photo Archive



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