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T / happy monday (and dance the week away)

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Photo Credit: Park & Cube

Let me be frank here.  When it comes to dancing, I have two left feet.  Sure I have been known to shake booty, and I highly excel at not only the sprinkler and shopping for groceries.  But I’m not particularly artful when it comes to movement (Cait takes care of that for the two of us).  Don’t even talk to me about dancing in pairs.  However, what I can be sure of is that I have an utterly jaw dropping appreciation for the art and its beauty whatever the form.  And I am completely open to admitting that it all started from a freshman year viewing of Centre Stage despite forays to Swan Lake at the National Ballet of Canada as a child.  So I hope these moments of beautiful human movement and their pursuit for artistic greatness inspire you and maybe put a little hop (or in my case – some grace) in your step this week!


I can’t wait to see Ballet 422.  Following Justin Peck, one of New York City Ballet’s youngest ever choreographers, as he works to create a completely original work of art.  I just love everything that goes on behind the scenes and the staggering genius and creativity behind it all.

I also can’t forget about a series that swallowed up an entire rainy evening during a Vietnam vacay last year.  city.ballet is so freaking addictive and it’s come back with a second season to gobble up another rainy evening.  This AOL Original series goes into the nitty and the gritty of working as a dancer in the NYCB.  It goes exactly beyond where you think it will go and completely breaks it down on how much work and athleticism is required to dance.  Do catch up on Season One first. And as Joanna Goddard recommends, sit back and enjoy with a glass of wine!


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