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C + T / Kep Weekend


Kep-HeaderOne of the most important things about living in Phnom Penh is leaving it. Seeing the Cambodian countryside is so different than experiencing life in the city. Everything is quiet, save for a rogue rooster or two, and by the time you get down to the coast, the smog and trash and millions of motos feel very far away. The road to Kep is vibrant and things just smell better outside the city.

Endless games and entertainment from these guys.

Endless games and entertainment from these guys.

We basically didn't leave the pool.  How could you with that view?

We basically didn’t leave the pool. How could you with that view?



Unlimited bounties of the sea: crab soup, pan fried fish with awesome salsa, prawns atop a mango salad, and the resulting graveyard.

We went down last Friday with about 20 friends. The group was split between Villa Romonea, Kimly Lodge and Knai Bang Chatt. It was a weekend to celebrate a 30th birthday, a successful 3 months of logistical aid work in Liberia (and staying ebola-free), and just getting the hell out of Dodge. It’s officially hot season here and though our late morning hike was ill-timed, most everything else was wonderful. The food was amazing and crab was abundant, as were pool floaties, massages and Beer Lao. There were babies and old friends and new friends and board games.

Seriously. What are you still doing in the snow?Berto-Jump

All photos by Tiffany Tsang. Please request permission for use.

For details on our Kep trip, check out this post!



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