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Good morning. This is a fun week. Tiff is busy taking Toronto and from what I can tell from Instagram, she’s making friends with a bunch of hip coffee people who say “eh.” Cait is packing for a long weekend in Koh Samui and getting ready to dial up the classy. There will be no full moon parties on this on one. A lot of editing, another interview, and a few custom pieces to wrap up this week will make for a busy few days. We remain extremely grateful that you are reading this, and all of your comments and kind words mean a lot to us. The support that keeps on coming in is totally going to our heads. Thank you again.

One of my favourite ways to share Cambodia with my music loving friends.

John Oliver takes on fast fashion and proves that he’s still my boyfriend.

We like our nail art. Especially the minimalist.

Cindy Crawford forever.

Ever since Real Food in Cambodia shared this little how-to on cooking fish, I’ve been craving it heaps and in different ways.

69b Boutique features sustainable designers from all over the world and I want to snuggle these on my feet in London

I can’t number the reasons why I love bookstores, but I do know that discovering new magazines like SUITCASE is one of them.

This kind of writing is so inspiring to me. I think it is very brave for the author to let herself be vulnerable to such a wide audience.

These guys are nominated for the Saveur Blog Awards’ Culinary Travel category and I’m totally digging their photos and stories.

Piperlime is shutting down, which is sad because I like their stuff and have always had a good experience. The short-term good news is that everything is 50% with the code: GOODBYE. Le sad.


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