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Photo Credit: Masayoshi Sukita

Photo Credit: Masayoshi Sukita

Tiff’s got David Bowie on repeat all week, as does Cait. There is no getting over this one. Bowie was full of magic and wonder and life and great make up. I always think of him as this other-worldly creature, who graced the planet for a short while and now has better things to do. Thrilled to have been alive at the same time as such a human piece of art.

“Northeast Bali or south Java.” Bowie’s Proust Q answers are just on the spot.

The Tesla of suitcases.

Exactly what my TeuxDeux list actually looks like.

Men’s Moschino makes me seriously happy. Look at the red suit. Bury me in that red suit.

Because podcasts have all the answers.

A little silly to make a list about things to never apologize for, but this will be the year without apologies, so list on.

…or maybe podcasts don’t have all the answers.

How breezy is Madewell’s spring collection?

Things in the kitchen I’m trying this year.

Hooray for jumping ship!


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