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The last few weeks have been wonderful, full of mountains of support and love. I have had a million conversations about the show, unpacked all the things I would change and am moving to the next thing is life which is…something. I’m sure it’s something good, it’s just not totally taken shape yet.

The plan. There is actually a plan, which is not super common in my life so I am feeling pretty good about it. I am working on getting to know my neighbors a little bit here. There are a lot of people in the region doing extremely cool stuff. The next few months for me are for lightly stalking those people, getting to know more about what they do, and hopeful doing some of that cool stuff myself.

In one of my first searches I found this cool blog, which talks about travel and traditional costume and textiles. The piece that she did on the Mo Hom traditional indigo work in Thailand is extremely cool and will probably warrant a field trip pretty soon. This lovely little video is a great example of the work they do.


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