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Photo Credit: Kirsten Sims via Miss Moss

Photo Credit: Kirsten Sims via Miss Moss

Hello Wednesday. Tiff is still in a post-vacation hangover and apparently she may have accidentally left her “morning person” at baggage claim. Cait straight up left hers in Kathmandu. We are both normally morning people but the “real feel” of Cambodia right now is somewhere between 42 C and %$&#&%#*@((&%#*. It’s stay inside and wait for it to pass time. Potentially movie time.

Mario Batali x Aziz Ansari x Alan Yang.  I would watch many episodes of this.

And then go watch this! Hooray for Balooooooooo.

I’ve become so militant about my midday nap lately.  Kate breaks it down.

I had to check out Ivy Park, because I care about what Beyonce thinks about my workout clothes. I dig the crop top, but those “dance pants” are underwear. Don’t kid yourself, B.

I’m experimenting with a Southeast Asian version of this tomorrow!

In case you were worried, Ted Cruz is still a gross monster.

A big congrats to our local beer making boys!  And do check out their Botanico beer garden if you’re ever in town.

I think I need to go to Cartagena after snooping on Bri’s Instagram.

Have you guys been watching Girls’ fifth season?  Finally, they’re at the less cringe inducing part of growing up.

For you savvy kids, Conde Nast Traveller is putting up their hot list for hotels on Snapchat today. This makes me want to try it again.



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