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Photo Credit: Molly Yeh

Photo Credit: Molly Yeh

Guys, it’s a special day today.  More on that from Tiff later. For now, Cait is just going to stare at the cake in the header photo, because Tiff, hot damn, that bish looks amazing. It’s relatively cool today in PP, and that makes everything so much better. Thank you weather gods, for giving us this today. We hope you guys are having a great week, here is some internet stuff to look at during your all-hands meeting.

You have to start your day with this.  Have to.

My friend Mary wrote this, and I think its super beautiful.

I got a lot of the down time I need this weekend.  I hope you are getting yours too!

My feelings are the same on this. Always pre-order the veggie meal.

A bunch of our favourite people are from here.

This is all I want to wear right now.

If you need more fancy pantsy dancey in your life.

Joy Cho (no relation to John) has started a series on changing your career in your 30’s. I think we would be friends, I mean, we already share a birthday.

If John Cho isn’t sufficiently dominating your pop culture memes, here’s one to check out.

Loving the simplicity of these suits.


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