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Photo Credit: Julien Mauve via Miss Moss

Photo Credit: Julien Mauve via Miss Moss

Hi team. Cait is in Tucson and Tiff is in the Big Peep wishing she was eating all the Tuscon things with Cait. The Big Peep is what Cait calls Phnom Penh when she is drunk-tired. We are working in different time zones right now, so posts might be up at different times in the next few weeks, but you will probably be ok.

Super interesting. I will tell you my number if you tell me yours.

One day, a beauty of a workplace like this will be ours.

Aww yay! Bob Ross is now on Netflix. Puffy little clouds forever.

This Met Ball mix is blowing my mind.

I can’t wait to Never Stop Never Stopping.

We’re both morning peeps and I’ve loving these tips to make our AMs better.

I hope the fancy jammies trend never dies.

You know I heart mags. So Kate’s faves and this Instagram account are making me happy this week.

Oh I love this little piece on anxiety. I love that Garance shares these things, it matters.

Loving this little meditation on learning, practice, patience and photography.


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