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Photo Credit: Maximilian Virgili

Photo Credit: Maximilian Virgili

Hi guys, morning. Cait is getting her pieces together today, and heading to Saigon for a 48-hour half work/half eating trip. She’s very excited to shove her face into a bowl of pho. Tiff’s shutter speed is at the speed of light this week.  When it rains it pours like a monsoon in Cambodia, right? Hope you all have a nice week.

I remember my mom using these patterns growing up, and I love that they are still going strong.

Stranger Things, and it’s soundtrack, is the best thing since The Goonies.

I’m sorry, did you say Channing Tatum is going to be a mer-man?

It’s always hot in Phnom Penh, so linen all the way.

A healthy dose of sea shells, courtesy of Bri.

Therapy sessions with the magically super gifted? I’m super digging this new podcast.

I want to buy all of these to decorate my future house.

It turns out that dumplings from outside of China might be better than I thought.

Dear Brandon Maxwell, AMAZING JOB. I hate doing this, but #goals. Really.

Alice Gao’s Paris guide styled with a Lo & Sons bag? Of course, please and thank you.


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