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Artwork Credit: Anna Valdez

Artwork Credit: Anna Valdez

Tiff is all about the new school year. She’s got her new art supplies and can’t wait to make a whole bunch of things. Cait is in New York and is the reason why this Wednesday post is late. My bad. I was flying all day and then ending up being completely covered in puppies at the end of the day and couldn’t do my work. Happily, that is completely true! Here is your late-breaking humpjump!

I can’t get over how much I dig everything about this foodie blog.

Speaking of back to school supplies, all of this will work for me.

Those walls!

So you don’t need to physically be there, to BE there.

In addition to mindfulness, yet another thing on my new new school year resolutions list.

Having a hard time not buying this skirt.

Las Vegas, through very different eyes.

I have been cruising for ideas for the new apartment, and need to learn how to make something like this.

Next to Birks, Tevas were also my favourite sandal as a kid.  Maybe I can still wear them as an adult?

Pumpkin spice lattes, as discussed by ginea pigs. Worth the watch.



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