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Artwork Credit: Geoff Mcfetridge

Morning, West Coast Wednesday, sweet dream Phnom Penh Wednesday. I promise that we will get the timing right on posts soon, our American team has been a touch scattered recently. Tiff is gearing up for a Bangkok lady weekend, while Cait is moving all her life into her new house, and looking forward to hanging with a Phnom Penh friend in LA this weekend! What a damn tiny world it is. Hope you are all having a great week.

All over my eyes.

A little worried about watching this, because I 100% will.

My new baking projects involve sausages in things. Molly’s bagel dogs were the first (and the best!!!)

I love Jo’s gift guides, and this one for brothers is especially good.

Every time Westworld introduces a wild west interpretation of a 90s perfect rock ballad, I get a little too excited.

Modern Love and Molly Ringwald in a Podcast? Sign me up.

Very important things for every lady.

Nice job, Calvin Klein, I love the idea of combining shows.

I’m still struggling to master this photo fun.

My couch! Overly excited by Ikea.


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