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Photo Credit: Alice Maplesden

Photo Credit: Alice Maplesden

Cait leaves today, Tiff holds down the fort. All feelings are had. In the past 9 weeks, we’ve only been in the same city for one third of that time.  There is a distinct mix of  happy and hectic energy in this place right now, and after hugging most of the people I love in Phnom Penh last night, I am ready to get on a plane and start my life for the next few months. Shit. I’m probably ready. I am happy knowing that I will have easy communication with Tiff, thank you internet, and connecting doesn’t require as much logistical effort than it used to. We are neither in the 1920s nor some sort of connection desert. One thing is need to make sure to do while gone is put in effort to not only catching up, but having new, interesting conversations with people far away. Updates are exhausting. The friend talent in this city is at a peak right now, and having such an amazing bunch of weirdos around fills my heart up. I am grateful. This time next week, you will have have a two-country blog to read, from two of the most different places in the world. It’s bound to be interesting. Ok, love all of  you, I’m out.

Leaving the land of cheap beauty treatments, I am going to need this guide.

And for eats, Cait absolutely needs to get her shakshuka on here.

Kind of clinging to comfort objects right now. Favorite jeans, pizza, and this soundtrack are filling my life.

Meanwhile in Phnom Penh, pizza gets made in tuk tuks.

I’m pretty sure London is cold all the time, I should probably buy 5 of these. 

So happy that others have noted this trend too.  On the other hand, all hail the rise of the American actress.

Interesting piece on staying connected. 

Have you checked out Cambodian-American songstress Laura Mam’s faves in Phnom Penh yet?

This water bottle is coming with me, because it’s so awesome. I have to learn how to say it without the “t’s.” (Wa-er bo-le.)

There is so much good music this week!  For enlightenment, check out the new Beirut and for a party, some new Robyn!


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