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Photo Credit: Anthony Dyson

Happy morning, Wednesday people. It’s a sunny hot morning in Phnom Penh, and the twinkle lights on the plastic Christmas tree look especially sparkly today. That’s probably because Cait is getting on an Airplane tonight to fly to LA, and she has been rolling herself in glitter and sunshine in order to fit in. She really doesn’t know very much about LA. Tiff is finally feeling better, after a week or so battling her ‘tourist’ cold, and has sprung back to life, back into holiday prep, and ready for the new year. Enjoy the busy energy of the week, try not to be too grinchy, and when in doubt, spike your eggnog. Also, Star Wars.

Hooray! Some adorable news!

Living in Asia (and also being Asian), this is so spot on.

Nice work, whoever did this.

We’re addicts, so we have to share this annual podcast ranking with ya.

There are few things better than a simple roasted chicken, and here’s how to make a delicious one.

Wearables inspired by Miró and Picasso? Yes please! (Thank you Miss Moss!)

I love the gift guides that master-gifters at Cup of Jo have put together this year.

I absolutely want to get in on this crazy cool co-working space in Delhi.

I like this little packing video put out by Vogue, and now I want to completely unpack and put everything in expensive pouches.

9 lady travel bloggers to follow! And featuring my buddy Katie!


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