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Photo Credit: Hannah Kristina Metz

So lately, I’ve discovered a new obsession in my Instagram scrolling.  Smoothie bowl flat lays are just not doing it for me anymore.  Instead, I’m all about the talented lady-uber-illustrator.  They’re on your books, in your books, and should be all over your walls.  I can’t wait to get the print on as a result.  Follow these five ladies and get their work stat.

leah-reena-goren-instagram-gridI discovered Leah Reena Goren from the cover of this summer’s must read.  Her Instagram is bright and that’s exactly what I love about it.

Artwork Credit: Justina Blakeney

Artwork Credit: Justina Blakeney

Justina Blakeney might literally be all over your walls.  And I love learning about the inspiration behind each new collection (sometimes I can’t tell the difference between a photo and something she’s produced!).  Her Instagram (and therefore life) is exactly that.


Artwork Credit: Rhiannon Johnson

I cannot believe that I can call the uber talented Rhiannon Johnson a friend!  I feel like each time we get together, I learn that she is incredibly talented in another creative element.  She’s also an incredible person.  So you should absolutely check out her masterful illustrations at her handle @papernpenh.  I’m not using that word lightly.  I seriously want to get some of these on my walls.

libby-instagram-gridLibby Van Der Ploeg is the lady behind all the artwork for Grace Bonney’s book tour.  She also creates so many other beautiful things and you should absolutely ❤ everything on her Instagram.

Artwork Credit: Gabriella Sanchez

Artwork Credit: Gabriella Sanchez

The colours and lines that Gabriella Sanchez uses just scream “PRINT ME!!”  When I discovered her (by way of the wonderful products @shopbando), I knew I had found another spirit artist.  Gabriella’s Instagram showcases everything she does and I just wish I was closer to getting all those things.


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