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Photo Credit: Klaus Pichler via Frankie.

Photo Credit: Klaus Pichler via Frankie.

Hi, team. Welcome to Wednesday, possible the least exciting of all the days. Tiff is apparently shooting all the women this weekend, and it’s gonna be bloody. Cait is basking in the California sunshine and really leaning into the clichés of LA. Life is full of yoga and smoothies right now, and it feels pretty good. Hope you have a great week!

These just came out. Someone send a pair to Cambodia stat.

Less concrete feelings on the article, but really into her hair right now.

Still a great read three years on.

I can’t get over this dress.

How gorgeous are these aerial photos?

Punch of happiness, right in the face.

I want to live on that massive couch. Forever.

Why can’t green juice taste like waffles?

I’m re-loving water colours these days with all these ideas.

My friend, Amanda, opened this little piece of green heaven a few months ago in DC!



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