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Because Friday afternoons are best spent looking at pictures of pretty things, here are a few snaps from the benefit at Deco on Tuesday. The food and service were spot-on (per usual) and it was great seeing so many people together, celebrating such a wonderful company. It has been a blast working with the wonderful ladies of tonlé this past week.  They work ridiculously hard to make gorgeous clothes with zero-waste, while maintaining a healthy sense of silliness and laughter. We are impressed.


Rachel hard at work as usual.


Beautiful Carrie in a Tonlé Ravy Dress.



The best Scotch eggs.

The best Scotch eggs.

gemma-and-bar lin-and-gentlement

Ravy giving a heartfelt speech.

Ravy giving a heartfelt speech.

Congratulations Rachel!

Congratulations Rachel!



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