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Tiff asked me a great question the other day, regarding my custom design work.

“What celebrity do you want to see wearing your clothes?”

She wasn’t talking about me waking up in the morning to randomly find all the Hemsworth brothers and Salma Hayek wearing my actual clothes, because that has obviously already happened. (Swish!) She wanted to know who I would want to see in my designs someday.

Questions like these take me down a rabbit hole and I can spend hours a day dreaming about who I would love to see wearing something that I actually made.  What is great about 2105, is that I am impressed, genuinely impressed, by a lot of famous women. I felt like there weren’t as many interesting famous ladies when I was younger, and maybe that’s just because I didn’t use the internet, the media respected privacy, and I went outside a lot more, but there are SO MANY great women in the media these days. Going through the laundry list of women I would want to design for has been fun.

Meryl Streep (duh)

I love her as an actress and I love that she has always had her own style, without apology. There is something about Meryl that makes me want to go to Mexico and drink margaritas. Margs with Meryl, I would watch that show.

Emma Stone

Silly, smart, and won the best Lip Sync Battle of all time.

Uzo Aduba

This lady is strong and interesting and unique. Her work on Orange is the New Black is astounding and it’s impossible to look away from her when she is on screen.

Anna Kendrick

She’s funny and awkward and crazy talented. In response to the Apple watch, she tweeted “We should be thanking Apple for launching the $10,000 “apple watch” as the new gold standard in douchebag detection.” Based on this alone, I will make her clothes for free.

Demi Lovato

This sassy pop start probably wouldn’t be on my radar if it weren’t for the fact that she is coming to Cambodia for a concert in a few weeks, and I am glad she is now. I like her songs and think she has solid pipes, but after learning more about her, I am really sold. She has been through a lot and focuses on health, positive body image, kindness, and equality.

Michelle Obama 

I don’t need to explain this.


Via Vouge

That’s the top six for today, and maybe next time I will share all the people I never want to see in my clothes.

Spoiler alert, it’s Dick Cheney.



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