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C / Threads: 2 Rompers

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With two pending orders for high class rompers, its collage time. Hold on to your hats.

Rompers/onesies/playsuits are fantastic. They can be extremely comfortable while still modern and interesting. I am all about clothing that allows for dancing like a freak and high-kicks. The only downside is that every time one must use the bathroom, one must get basically naked to do so. One must make SURE that door is locked.

My first romper-lovin’ client is our uber-creative and very stylish friend, Koheun. The poor girl has to attend a wedding in Boracay in a few months and needs some fancy duds. This thing needs to be classy and elegant while still young and fun and dance-y. Wedding rompers, so hot right now.

This is what I am feeling from the get go. I actually have no idea if she wants sleeves, shorts or any other details, but will dig deeper on Friday at our client meeting. I have client meetings because I’m a fancy designer now.


My second client is our beloved Tiff. Her jumpsuit/romper/adult onesie is for no occasion in particular, mainly just because she’s sassy and rompers are great. It needs to work for day and night while maintaining awesomeness. I brought back some fabric from Myanmar a few months ago, and I think it will work for this little number.


This is the official beginning of the unofficial style-consulting-designing gig. We will be documenting the journey from fabric market to tailor to human on le blog.

I have no idea what I am doing but I know that I love it.


All photos shamelessly poached from Pinterest.


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